11 Signs That Indicate A Spiritual Awakening

11 signs that indicate a spiritual awakening

In a society dominated by consumerism, self-centeredness and appearance, it may seem absurd to speak of spiritual awakening. Yet, more and more people happen to experience this phase.

Many of them resist it, because they feel strangers in the face of this new feeling.  However, experiencing a spiritual awakening, even in a painful way, does not make you a different person, just special. And you are not alone.

The world is undergoing many changes. We live in a time of great awakenings and a deep desire for transformation. Many people are becoming more aware of the problems around them and have realized that many of their habits are unhealthy and therefore need to change.

There are many people who would like to take back the reins of their lives and shy away from a model imposed by society. They really want to know happiness and live the life they want, not the one that television, magazines, movies, social pressures and all those nonsensical clich├ęs that surround us impose on us.

We are increasingly aware of the great human and social problems we have to deal with every day. More and more people are willing to listen to those truths, and are brave enough to begin applying those changes to their lives and that of their families. They know well, in fact, that the change of the world begins first of all with the change of oneself.


Do you recognize yourself in what you have just read? Did these words awaken something within you? If you have come this far, be brave and move on!

Symptoms of a spiritual awakening

The following symptoms are clear signs that you are going through a phase of spiritual awakening. If you are aware of it or if you somehow feel identified in these words, do not be afraid.

  • You want fewer things and look for more simplicity in life.

    You have realized that as your possessions diminish, your sense of relief grows. Seek less material wealth, in favor of greater inner wealth.

  • You are drawn to the readings that open your mind.

    Books that just entertain you interest you less and less, in favor of others that help you improve yourself.

  • You deeply desire your life to make sense.

    You have understood that it is not enough for you to live a “normal” life, without any purpose, so try to chart your own path.

  • Expose your true “self” to the world.

    You have taken off that social mask you wore in order to do “the right thing” and now you are open to communicating your innermost thoughts and feelings to others without feeling guilty or ashamed.

  • Spend more and more time alone and in silence.

    You like to spend time in peace or take solitary walks surrounded by nature, which help you to find yourself and make peace with your self. You need less and less noise around you to feel comfortable. You no longer feel alone when calm and silence reign around you.

  • You feel more connected with nature and animals.

    Recognize the interconnectedness and interdependence of all living beings and experience a feeling of oneness with everyone and everything.

  • Eat healthier ways and take care of your body and mind.

    You worry more and more about what you eat, not just about food, but about where it comes from, how it was produced and its impact on the environment. Additionally, you have acquired healthier habits for your body. Not for aesthetic reasons, but because you feel that your body is a temple to your spirit, which you protect and heal in the same way.

  • You take responsibility for your destiny and are aware of your actions.

    You have realized that there is no reason to have a victim mentality and to blame others for what is going wrong in your life; this makes you act more consciously to shape your future. You have discovered that your actions have great power, and therefore act so that they do not negatively affect you or others.

  • The past and the future no longer control your life

    . Understand that what really matters is the present. the past is now history and the future does not yet exist. Live in the present without letting the past dominate your actions and build the future from the most tangible now.

  • You have lost all interest in the competition.

    You have realized that being competitive only brings conflict and suffering and that the only way to live in harmony with others is to have a kind and compassionate attitude towards them.

  • You have discovered that you are in the world to enlighten, not to dazzle.

    Being light fills you more than impressing others. Illuminating the path of others gives meaning to your existence.

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