5 Behaviors Considered Negative That Are Actually Positive

5 behaviors considered negative that are actually positive

We were born into a society that instills in us a set of guidelines on how to behave.  From an early age, in our family and even at school, they told us how we should behave, what we should do or not do, how we should treat others …

Ultimately, we learn a set of rules to be able to relate to others and to be accepted  in society. If we don’t respect them, we will not be accepted. Simple, just like that.

Repressing certain emotions in public, controlling our reactions … we internalize all this to follow a model that can be accepted. However, what if everything we repress is positive?

The reason we repress some emotions, such as crying, is because we see them as symptoms of weakness and vulnerability. What if this is not the case? What if we were wrong?

Today you will see how some behaviors considered negative are more positive than you might think. Learn to see them from another perspective and you will realize that perhaps it is not good to keep repressing yourself. Are you ready to discover them?

Behaviors considered negative

1. Express anger

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Anger is much more than anger. When we feel anger, we are almost on the verge of exploding, if we have not already done so. This is not accepted behavior and they will usually look at you badly if you express it.

However, is it really better to contain it? If you do, you will turn into pressure cookers. Sooner or later, circumstances will take you to the limit, and you will explode. You will not be able to control your anger and the situation may get out of hand.

This can be bad for you. Repressing anger can lead to feelings of rejection, hatred, resentment …  Do not repress your anger, because expressing it will help you free yourself from those emotions that, far from doing you good, harm you.

2. Feeling lost

Who has never felt lost? Everyone, in certain moments of life, has happened not to know what to do, where to go, how to act. This is normal, even if we don’t accept it. We are afraid of feeling lost  and this can generate great anxiety in us. We can realize that we are wasting time, feeling that we are losing control of everything.

Nothing more wrong. Feeling lost will help you pay more attention to your surroundings. Your senses will remain alert and you will listen to your deepest feelings and emotions. Soon… you will find the path.

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3. Ashamed of crying

Crying is something we have learned to control over the years. When we were little we would cry for everything, but doing it now that we are adults is considered an act of immaturity. Because of this, we have learned to suppress our tears, which make us uncomfortable  around others. We are vulnerable and we are weak and fragile people.

However, crying is good for you. It can help you get rid of everything that causes you pain, everything that hurts you and prevents you from moving forward. Don’t you feel better after crying for a long time? This is because crying has a liberating power,  which we cannot ignore.

4. Cover your ears

Learning to listen is difficult. In fact, many people believe they can listen very well, but this is not always reciprocal. Listening is good, but not always. What do we mean by this? If we do not listen to some opinions or criticisms, we may find ourselves conditioned to act in one way over another.

Sometimes we care too much about what others say and instead lose the most important opinions. Learn to listen, but also to plug your ears when what they tell you is not constructive.

Not listening does not imply ignoring or withdrawing into oneself. Not listening means being cautious,  knowing how to set limits and not feeling oppressed by the words of others.

5. Not being able to adapt

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Adapting to circumstances and situations is something we expect from ourselves. However, what if we try so hard but still can’t adapt? Maybe you can’t settle into your working environment, maybe you feel out of place when you are with a group of friends… if so, it doesn’t matter! Learn to move away and look beyond those situations in which you do not find your place.

You don’t have to adapt to everything.  This will lead you to give more importance to your comfort zone, avoiding you to explore new possibilities, to move forward and to feel fulfilled.

Think about these 5 behaviors that seem to be only negative, but have a lot of positive. Learn to express them properly, without getting carried away. Anything that is weighted is healthy. What do you think about wanting to be accepted by society?

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