5 Habits To Cultivate Your Self-esteem

5 habits to cultivate your self-esteem

“Self-esteem is not had, it is acquired”.

Nathaniel Branden

Often and willingly, we undermine our self-esteem without realizing it. People are all different: some are stronger emotionally, while others are not.

Through this article, you will discover the 5 habits to adopt to avoid destroying your self-esteem. You must understand that this is something very important if you want to live a full and happy life.

1. Respect yourself

If you can’t respect yourself, how can you ever respect others? It is absolutely impossible. A gesture that may seem trivial to you is, in reality, the key to avoiding destroying your self-esteem. How can we learn to respect ourselves?

  • First, we need to understand what our needs and values ​​are and then meet them. We must not always put ourselves in the background and please others first. If we don’t realize that we don’t know how to satisfy ourselves, we have to change our attitude.
  • Express your feelings and don’t feel guilty about them. Showing anger towards someone doesn’t turn you into bad people, it turns you into sincere people.
  • Value all those aspects of yourself that you are proud of. Think about it and convince yourself that you deserve them.

     2. Acceptance

Accepting yourself is very important if you want to make the most of your life. Otherwise, you will live a mere copy of the life of others. Do you really want to live a lie?

self-esteem habits 2

Your life has to be original, it has to be yours for real . Don’t try to be like others or have a life like theirs. Maybe the lives of others seem perfect to you, but is it really so? Learn to love your life and to accept yourselves: only in this way will you be able to live happily and in harmony.

3. Acknowledge your mistakes

If you do not recognize your mistakes, you will live your whole life accumulating one excuse after another, thus wasting an enormous amount of energy.

Learn from your mistakes. Face the error and the excuse and accept them. Where did you go wrong? What happened? Don’t dodge mistakes with excuses, but take advantage of them to learn lessons and improve as people. Mistakes do not make us weak or vulnerable, quite the opposite! They strengthen us and prepare us for future mistakes.

4. Be careful with your critical voice

Being critical of yourself is not a bad thing, but we must be careful: sometimes, this critical voice that lives in us can destroy us. We must be the ones to destroy her.

When our critical voice is overly negative and disheartening and blocks us, we need to silence it, because it is not doing any good. Do you know how self-esteem is destroyed by the inner critical voice?

  • “You will never succeed”. A phrase whispered slowly by your critical voice. When you listen to it, try to think “And what do I know if I will never succeed? Have I ever tried? I failed?” If you really want something , strive for it and silence your inner voice through action.
  • “You are worse than the others”. No one is better or worse than anyone else, we are just different! It is very nice to see how it is possible to complete oneself or help in the work that is being carried out. Never compare yourself to others, learn, strive and be yourself . You are unique and original, different from anyone else.
  • “This person doesn’t like you.” Are you sure? Did you ask him? Maybe you are misrepresenting the signals. Also, if she really doesn’t like you, what does it matter? It is certainly not the end of the world. Everything can be overcome, there is no need to make a drama out of it.

    5. Don’t seek the approval of others

Constantly seeking the approval of others is a very common mistake; it is simply a sign of great insecurity.

self-esteem habits 3

“Why should I wear that dress just to not be frowned upon by others?”

Important decisions are best if they are different from those of others. Do not try to make others happy, if you have a contrary opinion, express it! Remember that if others do not approve of you it is only because you allow them to do so.

Be convinced in your decisions, actions and reflections. Others can never agree with you on everything, that’s why you have to be yourself.

Perhaps you recognize yourself very much in the description just given; it is normal, it is something inevitable. Getting the approval of others, thinking you are not up to them, building one excuse after another, not saying what you think, … these attitudes reflect you, don’t they? We hope this article will help you be happier and get where you want, you and no one else.

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