5 Unforgettable Phrases From Books

5 unforgettable phrases from books

There are books that we read and that leave no trace in our memory; there are others, however, that we continue to remember and love, even without rereading them, while passing the time. Many phrases taken from books are unforgettable, they are part of ourselves, they are small links in a chain that lies in our memory and that reminds us of who we are.

These special books, impossible to forget, become part of us, of our way of thinking and acting, and even if we have read them several times, there will be days when we will return to open their pages to savor the phrases that move us. .

Phrases from books: written memory

Some phrases deal with loneliness, death, love, passion, childhood, and each book is a world of its own, with which to grow and mature. Each book corresponds to a precise moment, and it will be the book itself that chooses it.

There are phrases that do not need to be read again as they are burned into our heart and soul. Reading and learning require courage and enthusiasm, it is necessary to have an open mind. You are ready?

The loneliness of those who are different

The Solitude of Prime Numbers  is a wonderful book published in 2008 by Paolo Giordano. Taking a cue from the metaphor of prime numbers, the author tells us about the relationship between two boys, Mattia and Alice, friends with many things in common, but apparently destined never to meet at the right moment.


It is a feeling that can often be experienced in life, linked to various aspects. Like when you meet the right person but aren’t ready for a relationship, or when you find your dream job but someone else takes the place.

Sometimes it is necessary to let a person or a situation flow away, so that something else surprising and new becomes part of one’s life. Letting go is complicated, but it does not mean losing: on the contrary, in the future we will understand that we have won.

Find when you are not looking for

It was 1963 when The Game of the World was published , a book by Julio Cortázar which became a milestone in modern literature and which shook the cultural landscape of the time. The game of the world transgresses the classic structure of the novel and breaks with all existing conventionalisms, marking the difference.

This book is overflowing with unforgettable phrases for generations of readers. The phrase chosen by us reminds us that sometimes it is precisely when you are not willing to search that you find it. Very often we commit ourselves to chasing something, without realizing that, stopping us, it will come to us.

Love and lack of love

The name of the rose is perhaps one of the most beautiful books ever written, remembered in literature and cinema. A book that tells of mysterious murderers and at the same time of a love story, a feeling that binds the young Franciscan friar Adso to a mysterious young woman.


Among the most relevant phrases in the book, this one speaks of love as a universal feeling. We fall in love unexpectedly, love takes possession of us and leads us to do things we never imagined. But love has a dark side, the lack of love, that excruciating pain that we feel when the loved one does not correspond to us.

The memory

If there is a famous and unforgettable book, it is certainly One Hundred Years of Solitude , written by the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature Gabriel García Márquez. The book begins with this beautiful sentence which suggests the ending and the beginning of the story at the same time, and which allows us to carry out a profound reflection.

There are certain moments in life when it is important to stop and think, to reflect on our memories and on what we have forgotten, so as to sum up all the teachings that experience and years have brought us, allowing us to continue without repeating the same mistakes.


The Little Prince is undoubtedly a book that, through very simple sentences, contains extremely profound reflections. It is a tribute to childhood, love, creativity, a passion for little things. A book that continues to be current despite the passing of the years.


Among all the famous phrases taken from the books, those of  The Little Prince have their own charm. The quote we have chosen is one of those that most of all stimulate us to reflect on the creativity so typical of children and which, unfortunately, seems to fade with the passage of time.

Children do not fear the future or the opinion of others, so they let their imaginations fly free. Recovering the sleeping child in us means returning to creating, feeling fear and losing it, it means recovering the desire to fly. Do you feel like daring?

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