6 Situations That Reveal The True Character Of A Person

6 situations that reveal the true character of a person

You don’t really know a person until you experience really extreme or incredibly simple situations with them.

Many people spend their time trying to please others or trying to be the person society expects.

By doing so, they hide or nullify their true essence. This happens for various reasons, first of all that of pleasing others.

It is such an exhausting way of life that in the end it is useless; in fact, sooner or later, the true essence behind this great disguise will come to light, whether you are trying to look good or being tough.

It is not necessary for extreme circumstances to occur : today we will present some very simple situations of everyday life that have the power to bring out the true character of a person.

If you want to know someone for real (or know yourself), thanks to this article you will understand what are the so-called “trials by fire”; you are ready?

1) Assemble a piece of furniture 

Few things reveal the true essence of a person as much as assembling a piece of furniture.

Finding yourself surrounded by a mountain of almost identical pieces and provided with limited instructions made in a diagram, which seem to be written in an unknown language, is a real test for the nerves and self-control, especially if the work must be done with someone.

2) Untie some knotted threads

This is true for electric wires, ropes, chains, etc. Untying a cable knot to use it or a gold chain to wear it is a very stressful practice, which requires more than just finger skills.

true character 2

3) Talk to a waiter who is not paying attention to you or who brings you the wrong order

Restaurants and bars are a test of fire to get to know people thoroughly. The way to get the waiter’s attention or to complain about a wrong dish speaks volumes.

The stress created by waiting or the anxiety of receiving an unsorted dish makes you lose control and lead people to show themselves for who they are; pay attention to it.

4) Driving in delicate situations

When we drive, we pay so much attention to the road that we forget about everything else. Fear of an accident causes any other ideas to be nullified.

Situations such as waiting at the traffic lights, waiting for the car in front to move with the green light, witnessing the recklessness of other vehicles or pedestrians, getting stuck in traffic (especially during hot days) or experiencing small conflicts in the car (children arguing, people who speak and do not allow to pay attention to the road, etc.)  bring out the true character of a person.

5) Being with a dirty and / or disheveled child

Imagine a family or friend situation; among the children there is one dirty up to the hair, one with runny snot, one with a disheveled braid and another with peeled knees.

This chaos can be ignored by more people than you imagine, including immediate family members. The way you react to the hustle and bustle and lack of child hygiene highlights your true character.

6) Your make-up or look gets damaged

How you react when you stain your clothes, dishevel or ruin your makeup or manicure, reveals what a person’s true interest is, especially if it was someone in particular who spoiled their look.

true character 3

These reactions can offer very insightful readings regarding a person’s true interests, respect for other people, and even their complexes.

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