7 Photographs That Represent A Piece Of History

7 photographs that represent a piece of history

History has given us priceless snapshots, portraits of the best and worst of the work of the human being. Photographs that are drawings of curious moments that later, in the eyes of history, had immeasurable relevance. Thanks to them, we can partly know how the most important personalities were before they became famous faces or how the reflection left by the war on the faces of the people who lived it is.

Thanks to them, moreover, we were able to freeze unrepeatable moments, such as the last Beatles concert on a London roof in the late 60s or the construction of the Eiffel Tower in 1880. Today we want to show you 7 photographs that represent a piece of history.

Bill Gates in trouble

It seems that the founder of Microsoft, today the richest man in the world, has had the opportunity to experience speed, and not just that linked to the sharing of computer folders. Bill Gates’ great passion for cars led him to spend a cool night due to a traffic offense. His partner Paul Allen had to pay the bail.

We have proof, therefore, that one can be a philanthropist, a committed, a vegan, a revolutionary computer scientist and at the same time be caught by the police. Here is the priceless graphic document.

The Rolling Stones at the beginning of their eternal youth

Organic yogurts work great, sure, but immortal rockers need to know a more effective formula to keep fit (digestion aside). This group of youngsters has shown that passion, indulging in the pleasures of life and moving your hips to the rhythm of music aren’t all that bad advice, even past the 50-year mark, given their achievements.

“The Godfather”: a question of class

You can try to have class and style, but no matter how hard you try, it’s not something you get by trying. Either you are born with it or you end up looking ridiculous, even if you appear on all the newspaper covers or have thousands of followers on Instagram . Below you can see the image of a man and a woman who stand out for their class and elegance both when on stage and outside of it.

It is not necessary to believe in God to witness a miracle

Miracles can happen to you without you believing in God; witness Stephen Hawking. In this photo, dating back to the day of his wedding, the English genius had already been “sentenced to death” by doctors; but he had some outstanding issues to resolve, such as black holes and the origin of time.

Apparently, the miracle occurred thanks to the struggle of his first wife Jane Wilde and the advances in science, which meant that his motor-neuronal disease did not lead to a lightning death, although physical deterioration had by now. reduced to a state of total immobility. His sense of humor and continued scientific contributions have turned him into today’s example of a struggle that arouses not compassion, but admiration.

To get to your destination, you must first build bridges

The Golden Gate, the very famous San Francisco bridge that connects the city with Marin County, has not always existed, however emblematic it may seem to you. Someone had to build it and it was the greatest engineering work of the time, the 1930s.

A perfect setting for many films, a symbolic place that has not only attracted an infinite number of curious tourists, but has also been chosen by more than 1600 individuals to commit suicide. So much so that in 2014 it was decided to build a steel mesh to put an end to this grotesque and sad fact.

Behind a person like Marilyn Monroe was a person like Kennedy

Marilyn Monroe was perhaps the most famous woman in history. Many have wanted to reduce her to the role of woman-object, but her past and her intellectual rebellion add mystery to her story and curiosity to know more details about this woman who is attributed an IQ higher than Einstein’s.

Marilyn Monroe had an overwhelming capacity for interpretation, but what made her famous most of all was the love story that she, an explosive blonde, had with John Kennedy. Looking at this photo, it is intriguing to notice how the main protagonist of her story looks, even if this is nothing more than a subsequent evaluation.

We want to end with Hachiko, because we will never forget him

We come to the end of this succession of curious photos with the story of a dog. Not just any dog, but the protagonist of a story capable of making us move by reading it, looking at it on the screen or evoking it through this photograph.

This dog and its loyalty to its owner make us shed universal and timeless tears. Photos are like this: they capture moments to perpetuate feelings.

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