7 Reasons Not To Give Up

7 reasons not to give up

Sometimes we feel that our efforts are not recognized or that, no matter how hard we try, we fail to achieve our goals. In those moments, the only thing we want to do is screw everything up and dedicate ourselves to something else.

Maybe today is one of those days or moments! We must maintain integrity and not be overcome by that temptation. It is much easier to stay where we are.

Under these circumstances we feel we have achieved many milestones, but the goal seems to be too far away to continue. But is not so. You have to fight for your life project. We must not be satisfied with just one part. The best reasons not to give up are:

Now you can start again

You have certainly tried recently and you have not succeeded, but don’t worry. It happens to everyone. The important thing is not to be overcome by the temptation to give up and start over immediately. Don’t give up so early. As long as you are alive, you can start over and try again. The good thing about starting over is that you already have an idea of ​​the mistakes to avoid, so you will have some advantage.

Gain more experience

We all make mistakes, constantly. It is natural, healthy and even beneficial if you know how to learn the right lessons. You should never give up just because you got it wrong a couple of times or even many times. Instead of succumbing to frustration, identify the reason for the failure and try to fix it. A mistake is an opportunity for change.

There are so many examples to draw inspiration from

There are many examples of people who have been able to overcome adversity, triumph and maintain success for a long time. Among these we remember:

Joanne Rowling. She was used to telling fictional stories, but it was a train ride from Manchester to London, a distraction, that got her to trace the Harry Potter story. She had to work hard to publish the first book, but she didn’t give up and managed to get it published by a small publishing house. And we all know what happened after that first edition!

Sheryl Crow. In 2006, when she was already an established singer, she battled cancer and won. She did not give up. She moved on with her life, adopted two children and managed to change her life so much that she could claim to have emerged from the disease stronger than before.

Madonna. We can tell you very little about Madonna that is not already in the public domain. What makes her an example is her perseverance, her self-confidence, her strength and never giving up. You all know that there are countless “pop princesses”, but despite the passing of the years, Madonna always remains the only “Queen of pop”.

You can win any challenge

These people have not allowed anything or anyone to defeat them and have worked hard until they reach their dream. They have overcome all adversity. You can do it too. They showed us the way and they showed us that we are capable. Look for examples closest to your situation and focus on them. If they left a mark, you can too.

Giving up without trying is something you may regret sooner or later.

You have to believe in yourself. In your strength, in your ability and to prove it. Trust your plans and get busy right away. It doesn’t matter if there are setbacks or unforeseen events, you are stronger.

Whoever is next to you is with you

If your family and friends support you, perfect. But if not, if there are people around you who are convinced that you will not make it, who always point out your mistakes and try to make you give up your dreams, then you must find the motivation. You don’t have to give up if you don’t have the support of your loved ones, you have to go against the tide.

Take advantage of this negative energy that they transmit to you and try to transform it into something positive. The more challenges you encounter, the stronger you will be and the more you will want to win your battles.

You deserve it

Whatever your goal, you deserve it. However, nothing will come like magic. You have to work hard to get what you want. It is a prize for you. When you get it, you will feel so good that everything around you will transform. You will be able to positively change your environment, it will also be a positive change for the world, even if you are convinced that it does not matter.

You will be an inspiration to others

You will be an inspiration to many other people who are watching you and who are perhaps about to give up everything, just as it has happened to you. But seeing you, they will fight again.

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