7 Things That Only Very Creative People Understand

7 things that only very creative people understand

Do you consider yourself to be a very creative person and do you think you are weird because of it? Don’t worry, this is normal. Neuroscience has confirmed that highly creative people think and act differently. Their brains are, literally, uniquely structured.

Let’s not fool ourselves: creativity is a wonderful gift in many ways, but it can also be a problem when relating to others. As a very creative person, it is likely that you have experienced tense situations, in which you felt strangers, individuals completely different from others, as if you were part of a world of your own.

So that those who do not understand our way of seeing things do not look at us with other eyes and for particularly creative minds to feel more understood, let’s see the following key points.

Characteristics that define highly sensitive people

Creative people have their own lens through which they view the world.  Although creative people are very different from each other, they share similar characteristics and behaviors. Here are some of them below:

They are curious: their mind never stops

The mind of creative people feeds on curiosity, a  factor through which continuous inspiration is obtained. This insatiable curiosity is meant to find a good idea to do something or to improve what we already know.


They have a hard time following the rules

Rules are a big obstacle for very creative minds,  who need to organize their times and monitor their work. This ensures that highly creative people don’t stop asking questions that challenge the status quo and that they don’t stop wondering why we need to submit to norms that limit our aspirations.

They need to be alone every now and then

Very creative people need to be able to enjoy solitude, to be face to face with their thoughts. In this way, they recharge their batteries and reflect on life and their decisions.

Introspection also helps them work better, solve their problems and come up with the best ideas. Loneliness and silence help them fuel their creative spirit.

They go in search of passion, much more than money

Creative people listen to their heart to follow their passions, regardless of what others say or think. Most people don’t understand that their passion is more important to them than money itself. They are not satisfied with a job that does not feed their creative spirit, even if it is well paid. For them it is not enough. For this reason, they are often considered irresponsible.


They have an unstable mood

Creative people have a dark side, as their mood is constantly changing. It all depends on what goes on in their restless mind.

Creativity gives them a sensitive heart. This great sensitivity allows you to create wonderful things, but it also causes great suffering.

They are intuitive, bold, and risk-takers

Creative people act instinctively, because they are very intuitive.  Precisely for this reason they love the risk so much, because they like to try new things and meet different people.

Risk offers a lot of opportunities. It opens the doors to new ideas and possibilities. The opportunity to learn and achieve your goals is more important than the risks you run, which are not as obvious to them as to others.

You create your own opportunities

For highly creative people, there is no room for waiting or routine.  If they don’t have what they want, they look for it, even if it means losing sleep, giving up spending time with the people they love, or even leaving their busy schedules behind.

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