Achieve Happiness Through Positive Feelings

Achieve happiness through positive feelings

Throughout our life, each of us travels different paths. Some turn out to be right, others unfortunately wrong, but there is one thing that unites us: we are all looking for happiness. To achieve it, however, it is important to know that the secret of happiness lies in our feelings.

If you experience positive emotions, such as love, forgiveness, or gratitude, you will feel content, satisfied, and full. If, on the other hand, you let yourself be overwhelmed by negative feelings, such as resentment, sadness, worry or anger, you will not be satisfied with your life, and you will have a hard time enjoying it.

In this article we want to give you some suggestions to remove negative feelings and replace them with more positive ones.  Taking this attitude will radically change your way of seeing life, and will bring you physical and psychological benefits.

Thoughts determine our emotions

Thoughts are the raw material of emotions. For example, if you are thinking that your colleague does not like you, that you are not earning enough money, or you believe that your partner has many flaws that he should improve, you will express negative emotions in return: rejection, sadness, frustration.

Conversely, if in the same situation you think that your colleague has had a difficult day, but that his attitude has nothing to do with you, that you might find another way to supplement your salary, or that we all have money after all. defects (including your partner, and yourself), you will be able to stop having negative feelings and, as a result, you will feel better. It is impossible to feel good when our thoughts are negative .

The key is to replace negativity with positivity

It may not be easy, but it certainly is possible. The first step to remove negative thoughts is to recognize them and know how to accept them. It is natural that at times you feel angry, sad or frustrated, it happens to everyone. What you have to do in these cases is to reflect on how you are feeling and to think about what the reasons for this feeling are. If you are angry, ask yourself why. For example: “I’m angry that my sister didn’t remember my birthday.” It is an acceptable feeling, anyone would feel disappointed. Now that you have identified it, let go of that negative thought and emotion, and replace them with something positive, for example: “She certainly forgot about it because she is always full of work, now I call her to ask her to go to drink coffee together “.

You can also take a notebook and write down any time a negative thought arises in your mind. This way you will clearly identify them and be able to replace them with positive feelings. At first you will have to make an effort to succeed, but with a little practice, positive thoughts and emotions will arise naturally.

The benefits of positive feelings

Positive feelings, in addition to making you feel better, will help you be more creative, flexible and efficient. Thinking positive improves the ability to get out of trouble quickly, overcome obstacles and, in this way, reduce stress. All this will therefore have positive repercussions on your body, physically and psychologically.

Here are some of the positive emotions you can focus on to replace the negative ones:

Gratitude. Give thanks for what you have, even for the little things. Having a nice cup of hot coffee on your desk, enjoying the spring breeze or taking a walk in the parkā€¦ Small pleasures that are not taken for granted for everyone: appreciate them and thank them .

Forgiveness. Putting it into practice is essential, because it is a liberating feeling. Forgive yourself for your shortcomings and past mistakes, and learn to forgive others, because they are not perfect either. Perhaps they will have hurt you, perhaps they will have made you suffer, but resentment will only hurt you. Forgiveness will free your heart of these negative feelings and bring you closer to happiness.

Humor. Learn to laugh at yourself and find the fun side of any situation. Sometimes we take life too seriously: laughing, on the other hand, releases endorphins , makes us feel good and drives away negative feelings. Everyone must find a way to free themselves from the feelings that oppress them and laughter is a great way to fuel our spirits.

And finally, the most powerful positive feeling:

Love. Love yourself and love life: you will see that everything will immediately seem more positive. To love yourself, you must first of all recognize your virtues and defects, to accept yourself as you are. Only when you are able to love who you are will love for others emerge naturally.

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