Being Respected By Others: How?

Being respected by others: how?

It is not possible to be respected by others if we do not first have a clear idea of ​​what respect is. It is easier to understand the meaning of this value if we bring to our consciousness memories, by way of examples, in which it appears. In this sense, we respect someone when we recognize them as our equal and accept them as they are.

This means that any behavior aimed at belittling another person is a disrespect. As is any action taken to reject, deny, or undo what he thinks or feels. It is possible to disagree or disagree, but that does not give the right to try to devalue it or change it.

It is not possible to be respected by others if we do not respect ourselves first. This means that one must perceive oneself as equal to others in terms of value. In other words, you shouldn’t feel any more or less than anyone else. And also, of course, accepting oneself. Feeling worthy as you are and for what you are.

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What does it take to be respected by others?

Self-acceptance and self-appreciation are expressed through attitudes and actions. They are not an abstract reality, and there is no need to express them to let others know what it feels like. Those who respect themselves have three qualities: self-esteem, assertiveness and authenticity.

Self-esteem, if we want to define it simply, is having a good opinion of oneself. It has very little to do with narcissism. It is simply “getting along well”. Feeling sympathy for what we think, say and do, without this implying that we think we are better than others. We are as special as we are and on a par with any other human being.

Assertiveness, for its part, has to do with being able to stand up for one’s rights and express one’s opinions. It is especially important when we are surrounded by an unfavorable context, in which we think the opposite of what most people or authority figures think. On the other hand, this attribute is a direct child of self-esteem and a necessary condition for being respected by others.

Authenticity refers to the maintenance of our essence, our values ​​and our beliefs, even if selfishly it is not the best thing for us in a given situation. This means expressing what you think and what you feel in any context. Do not fake or be fake to cause a certain impression. Act spontaneously. Think that you can only be authentic if you are aware of your value as a person.

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Getting the respect of others

Respect begins at home, so it won’t be possible to be respected by others if we don’t do it ourselves. On the other hand, it must be clear that respect does not mean fear, but acceptance and appreciation.

Here are some tricks to make others respect you :

  • Accept that we can’t always please others. The approval or disapproval of others should not affect us. There will always be people who don’t like us.
  • Learn to distinguish kindness from condescension. Courtesy is not submission. We did not come into the world to please others.
  • Strengthen and practice self-love. Make sure you recognize all of our values ​​and achievements. Never neglect our achievements, however small they may seem.
  • Insert the “no” in the dictionary of our communication. Setting limits does not mean offending others or being reckless. It is a healthy way to preserve mutual respect.
  • Recognize that we are not responsible for what others feel or think. If the way we think, speak, or act bothers or annoys another person, that’s not our problem. Let this person resolve their disagreement.
  • Demand recognition when necessary. If we do too much for others, they usually stop appreciating it. In the event that this happens, the collaboration must be suspended.
  • Learn to defend yourself. Perhaps you are the victim of a “learned helplessness”. In this case, it is time to overcome that condition and learn to defend yourself. It’s not easy at first, but once you get into the habit, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to maintain it.

Getting others to respect us is not a goal that can be achieved in the short term, especially if they have already disrespected us on numerous occasions. It is necessary to have the determination to obtain it and an iron will to maintain this purpose. But undoubtedly it’s worth it. Disrespect brings only greater evils and much unnecessary suffering.

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