Black Mirror: Free Fall, Dehumanization Of The Future

Free fall reminds us of the invasion of social networks that we experience today and leads us to become aware of how dangerous and unreal they can be.
Black Mirror: Free fall, dehumanization of the future

Black Mirror is a jewel of the small screen that, instead of hypnotizing us and making us forget the world around us, motivates us to be more critical with our daily reality. It is not a conventional series, there is no connection between the episodes, it is not necessary to see it in order, it does not require you to do a marathon of hours and sometimes it is difficult to digest.

In this article we talk about the first episode of the third season entitled Free Fall , which although it is set in the future, reminds us enormously of the world we live in. This is not an isolated case in Black Mirror ; like

stated on more than one occasion

the same creator, Charlie Brooker, is not inspired by fantasy, but by our contemporaneity.

Free fall , texture

Free fall reminds us of the invasion of social networks that we experience today and leads us to become aware of how dangerous and unreal they can be.

Starring lead actress Bryce Dallas Howard in the role of Lacie, this installment presents us with a perfect world in which there is no gray and everything is in pastel shades, from clothing to houses and furniture. Everything is wonderful and idyllic in this not too distant future. However, as with social networks, this world hides a very bitter face.

Lacie is the protagonist of this story, of this ecosystem in which people are judged based on their popularity on an application very similar to Instagram, where 0 is the lowest score and 5 the highest. Thanks to the evaluations of others and your network of contacts, you can get better employment, buy an apartment and get a large number of benefits. What if we take everything we see on Instagram seriously? What would happen if we started ranking people based on their popularity on a social network?

Once again Black Mirror reminds us of the more hidden side of our world, it shows us a truth that we know, but that we seem to ignore. If you have not yet seen this episode, we advise you to stop reading here as the article presents spoilers, necessary to deal with the most important issues present in it.

Black Mirror , behind perfection

Today we consult Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… everyone has their preferences, but it is indisputable that social networks have quickly become part of our lives. They are the image we want to give to the world, who we would like to be, but we are not. The best face of our daily life.

In Black Mirror the star application is used to give people a vote, much like Facebook likes, with the difference that these points are social points, they work well beyond the network and determine real life.

Lacie is a popular young woman, although she does not belong to the elite, she has a good job, but her life could be much better. She is completely addicted to the internet and tries to continually attract the attention of an old childhood friend, Naomi, a beautiful girl with a perfect life, who is about to get married.

Votes can be public or anonymous, and the repercussions of a negative judgment can be devastating. For this reason, all the inhabitants of this world try to behave according to the laws, to be kind and to appear “perfect”.

Let’s think about Instagram for a moment, the profiles we follow, especially the most popular ones, present a false happiness, a painfully perfect beauty. What would happen if we transferred this to real life? We can apply an infinite number of filters to look good in a photo, we can rate everything we publish, but we can’t always please everyone.

Lacie and other people with cell phones

Free Fall wants to transfer the codes of our social networks to the real world; this would lead us to act falsely in order to please and to show our best side, but not only, because the likes we receive on Instagram or Facebook would also serve to determine our social position.

In Black Mirror , people all act correctly with each other, with a cordiality that annoys because, deep down, we know how to be fictitious, pure selfishness. They are not trying to help or support, but to improve their image.

Naomi proposes to Lacie to be his maid of honor and she accepts without hesitation, despite the insistence of her brother who reminds her that Naomi had severely hurt her in the past. Lacie needs to go to the wedding because it will be full of people with very high scores and could guarantee her the 4.5 needed to pay for the apartment she is interested in.

Naomi, for her part, does not invite Lacie because she is a good friend or to share childhood memories, but because she thinks it can be interesting to invite a friend from elementary school with a 4.2. No one acts sincerely, no one thinks of the other, there is only the ego and the image projected by the ego.

Stop being slaves

This extreme concern for one’s own image, for how the world sees us, reminds us of our reality. Free fall is not unlikely to us and, certainly, it presents us with situations experienced firsthand.

We all want to share images of succulent foods, a fantastic evening with friends, an unforgettable journey, a simple coffee on the terrace … we measure absolutely everything we publish, we think about who will view it and what others will think.

We live in a world that is a little less human and more technological every day, but luckily we still maintain the contact, the daily relationships with colleagues and friends and we have a small space in which to be ourselves.

We all know who we want to be, some even have role models to be inspired by. However, is this really what we want? During the episode we observe that Lacie’s personality is extremely conditioned, she doesn’t choose her meals, she eats what is well seen by society: she doesn’t like the cookie that comes with the coffee, yet she pretends it is. This conditioning, this new way of interacting and the extreme falseness make the characters unable to manage a conflict, to say what they think for fear that their score will drop.

Black Mirror masterfully immerses us in a dance of contemporary masks, of filters in real life, where everything is pastel shades, apparently perfect, but no one is really happy. No one can be that happy, no one can always be happy, and no one can adore everyone.

Lacie prison

This extreme Instagram, combined with the invitation to marriage, will lead Lacie to obsess about her popularity, which will be cut short by a series of unexpected events that will force her to be herself, to take off her mask, becoming human.

It is human to have feelings, to think differently, to express one’s anger. But in this perfect world, the human sphere is not allowed. The fall of Lacie is nothing but a liberation; she is arrested, but she is free.

It wasn’t just the walls that oppressed her, it was society; and reached the edge it succeeds

long last

to scream, it can be herself. The final scene in which he “loses his head”, when he realizes that he no longer has his cell phone and enters a screaming loop with his cellmates is a cathartic scene, which gives hope. There is no prison worse than that created by ourselves, there is no worse slavery than a dehumanized world.

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