Books To Overcome Anxiety

Books to overcome anxiety help us develop the skills needed to deal with daily black holes or anxiety attacks. In this article we reveal which are the best publications in this regard
Books to overcome anxiety

Let’s be honest, most of us have to manage a mind that wants to go faster than life every day. We have to face fears, manage worries and be careful not to slip into our insecurities. One way to learn how to control these situations is to read books to overcome anxiety.

The books to overcome anxiety want to be a guide in the knowledge of certain psychological processes and states, which is why they prove to be of great help. They broaden our perspectives, educate us and give us valuable techniques to change our way of thinking for the better.

Obviously, there is always the possibility to consult professionals in the health and psychological field, but as Gustave Flaubert said, books are not only for entertaining us or learning things, the best books are those that help us live better.

For this reason, it is worthwhile to read self-help books to find the resources necessary to effectively manage sporadic episodes of anxiety, but also situations involving panic attacks and phobias. Here are some of the best books for overcoming anxiety.

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The best books for overcoming anxiety

Doctors Richard Herbert, James D. Forman and Evan M. Gaudiano of the University of Michigan conducted a study in 2008 on the impact of books to overcome anxiety. Do they really help? Do they favor observable improvements or are they simple texts without any therapeutic importance?

The results of this research show that among the 50 best-selling titles on this topic for readers, the most useful are written by professionals in psychology, medicine or psychiatry.

The scientific basis, the quality of the suggested techniques and the resonance were evaluated. This last dimension refers to the ability to connect with the reader from a human, simple and accessible point of view.

Now let’s see which are the main books to overcome anxiety and which meet the two criteria mentioned above.

1. What anxiety! How to Control Her Before She Controls You , by Albert Ellis

Albert Ellis is one of the most influential psychotherapists in the history of psychology, even more so than Sigmund Freud. It laid the foundations of rational emotional behavioral therapy, effective for treating anxiety problems. Moreover, with his book he allowed everyone to understand many things:

Anxiety is not in itself a bad condition. It becomes worrying when we lose control and reality begins to distort due to this unhealthy approach of negative thoughts.

With this book you will learn valid strategies to keep anxiety under control and return to a more useful and healthy path.

2. Anxiety. Fears and Hopes in Search of Inner Peace , by Scott Stossel

Scott Stossel’s book quickly became a best seller. It is certainly one of the best books to learn how to manage and overcome anxiety and the reasons are different.

The first concerns the way in which the text is written: the author tells his story, his experience in the first person. There is no shortage of humor, drama and self-discovery.

Any reader suffering from anxiety will find solace in this reading. It is a profound, human and brilliant book in which there is no lack of scientific, philosophical and psychological references.

3. Know Your Fears and Conquer them , by Susan Jeffers

With such an original title, psychologist and self-help expert Susan Jeffers offers a book that we could summarize with an adjective: practical. If many books on the subject include a roundup of theories and chapters that risk confusing the reader, this does not happen with Susan Jeffers because hers is a text that satisfies a practical need, that is to manage anxiety.

The author helps them make decisions, cope with insecurities, manage toxic relationships and become much more self-confident and skilled people in everyday life.

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4. The trap of happiness. How to stop tormenting and start living , by Russ Harris

Here is another book to learn how to manage anxiety, but above all negative thoughts and emotions, those irrational fears that often block our life and prevent us from moving forward.

Many professionals recommend this book for its reflections:

  • Invite to check the inner dialogue.
  • It pushes us to recognize the mental mechanisms, beliefs and wrong thoughts that prevent us from acting as we would like.
  • It helps to overcome moments of anxiety and to regain the reins of life.

6. Mindfulness , by John Teasdale, Mark Williams and Zindel Segal

According to this text, 8 weeks is the time it takes to start seeing changes after embracing the practice of Mindfulness. This very interesting work reveals the basic principles of a well known and practiced technique for the treatment of anxiety: the cognitive therapy based on Mindfulness. It is a very simple, useful and interesting book to learn about one of the third generation therapies.

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We would like to point out that there are many other books to overcome anxiety. New and interesting publications are added every year. When choosing a self-help book, make sure you understand what you are looking for and that the book in question was written by a professional in the field.

Manuals, books or essays of this type are a great way to increase your knowledge and discover new resources to better manage those black holes that are the anxiety attacks that often steal calm and quality of life. Choose the best books!

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