Changing One’s Beliefs To Strengthen One’s Personality

Change your beliefs to strengthen your personality

Certainly it is a difficult challenge to complete, but a little good will is enough and even the “impossible” things will turn out much less than you think!  Changing or re-evaluating the beliefs that have accompanied you for many have allows your personality to follow what it truly feels to be its own. It is a way like any other to progress in our growth.

Old beliefs often weigh on our shoulders more than a backpack loaded with stones. Perhaps you once believed strongly, but now you are aware of some of their limitations and some may even seem inappropriate to you. So why continue to defend them?

Give yourself the opportunity to mature by changing what you believe in

Ideologies represent a way to get closer to what is happening around us and are often charged with a strong emotional, cultural, traditional weight, etc. We believe that these thoughts or ways of acting will accompany us until the last day of our life, but the truth is that there is nothing that remains static for such a long period.

Change is a virtue that not everyone understands. However, if you are intent on improving and becoming people who transcend and learn from their mistakes, the results of this change will always be positive.


We often believe that our personality is an element that belongs to us from birth, that we cannot change it for anything in the world. For this reason, we defend with the sword all the beliefs we once believed in and that we made our own… without really believing them. In a way we consider that when someone attacks our beliefs, they are attacking us too.

But what if, for one reason or another, we realize that we are wrong or that there is an alternative path to the one we have been traveling all this time? Would it be worth a change? It is not necessary to give you the answer, because it is already within you.

Limiting beliefs keep you from growing

Our mind has the task of establishing limits and boundaries. If we think we cannot do something, we will almost certainly never do it, but if we are determined to change and fight for what we want, no wrong idea can remain anchored for too long between the beliefs that we really feel ours.

Beliefs that throw a spanner in the works or harm the people we love are very dangerous. And the problem is that we often fail to identify them. They are always present, and the only thing they do is turn us into people closed to reflection and debate. Basically, people closed to enrichment.

Certainly there are ideas that at a precise moment in the past, or in a particular situation, have come in handy. But circumstances change and no day is the same as the one just passed. Beliefs that are too ingrained within us only serve to destroy us or prevent us from advancing towards our dreams .

The beliefs and the inner voice

First of all, it is good to know that to have a strong personality and able to overcome all the difficulties of life, flexibility is essential. This means that if we walk as stiff as robots, we will never be able to dodge a tree branch, jump over a stream or turn the corner when the path forks. For this reason, our mental schemes must be modifiable and flexible.

The ability to adapt has saved many species from extinction. Even humans went through several stages before becoming what they are today. Think about it: as a person, wouldn’t you have the ability to change and evolve to be better than yesterday?


There will certainly always be an inner voice that will tease you. The beliefs you want to eradicate will struggle to survive, but it doesn’t matter. Carry out your decision and don’t waver. Question those beliefs and try to understand why they have been ingrained within you for so long.

Ask yourself if they are useful to you, if they help you achieve your goals or how they affect your relationships with others. Then try to reflect and look for alternatives to those beliefs. Choose the one that looks best to you. Perhaps the answer will not come overnight and you will need time and effort to find it.

Search deeper, do not remain idle. If there is something that motivates you to change, turn it into the star that guides you on this path, as sailors once did. And when you are there to throw in the towel, think about the benefits this growth will bring you in the future. Do not worry about the changes of course you will have to make: it is always better to change, rather than continue to live in error out of pride.

Progress and overcome. Be like the water of a river that continues to flow without ever stagnating. Only in this way can you achieve all your goals!

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