Changing The World With The Power Of A Smile

Change the world with the power of a smile

An anonymous philosopher from ancient Greece once said, “Smile at life and life will smile at you.” Sometimes smiling is the best way to change the world. The smile mediates the way we see things, making us more flexible and strong in the face of the most difficult situations in life.

A person who decides to wear a smile, optimistic and happy, is less likely to suffer from disease and will live a longer life. Established studies have shown that people who are emotionally stable and who experience positive feelings, enthusiasm, vitality, hope, understanding, a sense of improvement and high levels of satisfaction in life, enjoy stronger health.

Smiling at life is not characteristic of those who have a superficial lifestyle, on the contrary, it is synonymous with intelligence. In fact, the ability of optimistic people to solve problems is known compared to pessimists, who easily go to the bottom preferring to run away and escape from problems. We can therefore speak of a smile as a shield that protects us from many complicated situations.

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A drug called smile

The smile is a typically human characteristic, a bit like laughter, the nature of which is psychological. This attitude has a very positive impact on the general state of people, even on a physiological level. For this reason it can be understood as a real therapeutic practice, on which various scientifically proven studies have been carried out.

Humor and laughter promote good health and mental well-being. Among the various benefits it is possible to mention:

  • Teach a sense of humility
  • It helps to connect with others in a relaxed way and by eliminating the excesses of individualism
  • Eliminate the fear of ridicule
  • It helps to see life from a more relative perspective, offering distinct perspectives towards the aspects that make it more complicated
  • Helps find solutions to the problems of everyday life
  • It stimulates adaptation to change
  • It reduces the sense of frustration that comes from perceiving one’s limits
  • It allows us to defend ourselves from a criticism or an offense aimed at our emotional balance
  • Helps prevent conflict by acting as a shield against negative situations.
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Life is like a mirror, smiling we can change the world

Often the source of our smiles is happiness. Other times, however, smiling can serve to improve our mood when we are invaded by sadness and, therefore, to change the world. We often underestimate the power of small gestures like a caress, a smile, a friendly word, a strained ear or an honest compliment, and how they can change the course of things.

Think how much better this world would be if people smiled more often. There is no need to talk or agree on everything, just smile! The smile breaks down barriers, releases tension and is the first step to making new friends.

Smiling makes us feel better about ourselves, even when we don’t feel like it. Smiling has the same effect on humanity as the sun has on flowers. For all this and more, smile, it’s free therapy to change the world and yourself.

While smiling is not the only remedy for negative moods, it is perhaps one of the most powerful. So the next time you realize you’re down in the dumps, when everything seems to be going wrong, why not try to change the world with a smile? After all, the worst thing that could happen is that everything remains the same, while the possible benefits are unimaginable.

If you feel you need it, then try to use the smile as if it were your best weapon. It really is.

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