Don’t Let Anyone Ever Tell You How Or Where To Fly!

Don't let anyone ever tell you how or where to fly!

In 1970, Richard Bach published one of the most beautiful novels in history that made many generations think: “The Seagull Jonathan Livingston”.

It is an epic tale that has a seagull as its protagonist and focuses on what the animal learns from life and about flight. It is a sort of praise of Jonathan’s personal journey, in fact the seagull tries to overcome himself, he does not adapt, he does not just stay in the air and get food, but tries to enjoy every moment.

“We are free to go where we want and to be who we are, the only true law is that which leads to freedom, there are no others”, said Jonathan Livingston.

Jonathan Livingston was a seagull different from the others, he had a dream, a very simple dream, but for the other seagulls his dream was not normal. He wanted to fly, but not like all seagulls, he wanted to fly in a special way, with stunts and pirouettes, high up, at night, improving himself more and more …

To do this, he had to break the limits imposed by the other members of his flock, he simply loved to fly, without sticking to what others were doing, he wanted to achieve perfection.

Dreams are part of human nature because through them we improve ourselves, we overcome our limits and we are able to free our spirit from the bonds imposed by “normal” life. Dreams make us free, they make us reach the sky, touch beauty and bare our soul.

Dreams are the engine of human existence and its greatest achievements

Not all dreams are the same, there are some almost unattainable and others that come true simply by opening your eyes. All are equally valid, although some are more difficult to achieve. It is legitimate and also human to ask, to want to know what others think, to discuss the possibilities of realizing our dreams. Up to here, everything is normal.

There are times, however, when you advise, the opinions of others can turn into a prison from which it is very difficult to escape. When does advice almost become orders?

For a very long time there has been an endless debate between those who believe that everything is premeditated from before birth and those who are convinced that we ourselves write our future and mark every step of our life. As we have said, it is an endless debate, because it will be impossible to find a solution, at least in this world.

Despite this debate, what we can control is what we have in our hands, direct our steps, lead our life towards the destination we want.

Dreaming costs nothing and if we focus on the goals that these dreams give us, as a destiny to be achieved, without imposing restrictions on us that prevent us from growing as people, then they can really give us what we call “happiness”.


As important is the destination, the goal, as the path to reach it

Enjoy the landscape and the journey to the goal we want to reach, enjoy the company of a person who attracts us on some occasion, enjoy the sight of a seed that grows to bear numerous fruits, enjoy the dream, the desire for good food or those less important steps to reach a goal that no one had considered.

Enjoying it step by step is essential because if you don’t learn to take advantage of the little things, observing them, capturing their beauty in their moments, then what’s the point of enjoying the distant goal ?

Enjoying these moments will avoid the frustration of not reaching the goal in the almost impossible goals and will allow you to say “I fought”. Someone once dreamed of arriving on the moon, almost everyone said that it was impossible, that he would never get there and that for this he would have to devote himself to the things that everyone else was thinking about and stop dreaming.

This was the dream of many people. These dreamers did not have an easy life, in fact, volunteers were never lacking to cut their wings: “don’t even think about it”, “orient your life towards a more realistic goal”, “behave like an adult”, “stop dreaming and get to work “,” Abandon the world of fairy tales “and many other similar things. .. Does that mean something to you?

Thanks to perseverance, the dream became real when Neil Armstrong reached the white satellite in 1969 and said, ” This is a small step for a man, but a great leap for humanity. “

Life gives us values, goals, some we will carry out, others not, we must let ourselves be inspired, allow these goals to fill the voids of our dreams, to make us think, meditate, reflect, but we must never allow the dreams or the reality of other people close, limit, cancel and cancel ours.

And Jonathan Livingston taught us that the only limit we have is not to make our dreams come true. And we must also pay attention to fears, they love to steal and take away dreams.

Fly, seagull, fly, fly to your dreams.

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