Finding Support In A World With Backs Turned

Finding support in a world with your back turned

Sometimes our courage oxidizes and, almost without realizing it, we begin to wear the clothes of discouragement. That’s when we need more support and find more backs turning. Until, suddenly, someone does not utter those magical words that can heal any disease: “I’m here with you” or “everything will be fine, don’t worry.”

Support is that primordial value that goes beyond simple social conscience or solidarity with our fellow men . To support someone means to reciprocate with affection, to materialize our empathy and give them the form of help, to support the emotions of the other and those actions in which the most authentic, more complicit and more integral affection is perceived.

It is curious that everyone, in one way or another, sees themselves as strong and impregnable creatures, with their own golden armor. Yet, all warriors, sooner or later, are defeated and asking for help certainly does not make them weak: everyone appreciates a helping hand in difficult times.


Emotional support: the sincere language of the heart

Sometimes the support is a language that speaks different languages. There are those who do not know how to ask, those who remain silent, those who pretend nothing has happened and continue to go on with a broken soul and a mind invaded by desolation. Others, on the other hand, do not know how to give it and limit themselves to offering those rigorous mending, filling their mouths with “come on, that’s nothing” or “it’s just that you worry too much”, just to make a good impression and finish it at the most. soon.

Emotional support must speak the same language as the heart of the person who needs help. It is necessary to “tune in” and, to succeed, two basic dimensions must be given: the sincere desire to want to get in touch with the person in front of us and have the right capacity to be able to offer that help, that consolation, that closeness.

In a world inhabited by too many turning backs, we have to get used to looking people in the face. Our children need that daily support which, at times, is simply “being there” and showing them that they are unique, special and wonderful. Support is also the ability to give light when someone plunges into their own darkness …

Supporting your loved one: a bond of strength

Mutual support in our relationships as a couple is like that bridge with which to overcome the difficulties of life in a safer way. It is, above all, the ability not to give up in order to obtain together what, alone, we have not been able to achieve and, of course, it also means being able to continue to love each other when we least deserve it.


To support the people we love, we need a subtle, yet profound, wisdom that we should all foster and put into practice. We offer you a simple strategy to think about.

  • You need to be respectful of your partner’s emotions and feelings. Always choose a “I understand you, I’m here with you” rather than a “it’s nothing”.
  • Maintain physical contact, speak the language of caresses and hugs, shake your partner’s hands when he speaks to you and always give sincere affection, intimate and authentic empathy.
  • Never use irony or teasing with your partner, however innocent they may seem to you , either in private or in public.
  • Never put off a conversation. If your partner wants to talk to you about an important issue, don’t put it off for another time. The best time is always the hour.

The pleasure of knowing that you will always be there

In a society that is more used to turning away than giving hugs, it is necessary to start changing one’s conscience and learning that unique, wonderful and healing language that we find in support.

Support means above all having the gift of lifting a person on one’s shoulders to make him reach a higher world, with the aim of helping him to discover, from up there, a new perspective, a new path that will allow him to get out of his difficulties. Good support is what allows us to grow, not what humiliates us in a condescending way by reminding us of the mistakes we have made, the wounds we have suffered.

trees that bend in the wind

It is also a pleasure to know that we can count on wise people who know how to be there when we need them, who ask for nothing in return and who accept us entirely, with our strengths and our defects, with our obsessions and our vulnerabilities.

Also remember that it is not your beliefs that make you a better person, but your actions. If you are surrounded by people who carry the sun in their hearts and some fairy dust in their pockets, make sure you always reciprocate their good deeds. Support them when they need them, accompany them, listen to them and raise them very high so that they can see the world from over your shoulders, where their golden streets are. Those roads that lead to new possibilities in difficult times.

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