“Flowers In The Desert “, A Story About How To Recognize Love

Has love sometimes knocked on your door and you have doubted whether to open it or not? Maybe you weren’t sure it was really love. It is not always easy to recognize it. How to be sure?

With this story, we show you that it is possible to get confused about love, but that there are some signs that can help us understand if we are making an effort to plant and water something that is not a flower. Enjoy the reading.

“Camilla lived in the desert and had never seen a flower.

One day they opened a flower shop in the neighboring desert. There was also a greengrocer, but this did not attract Camilla’s attention. Only the flowers left her speechless: she could finally find out what it meant to admire and smell one! According to his family members who lived in the countryside, there was no sensation comparable to the world.

Carefully, she looked at the catalog of seasonal flowers and was fascinated by a flower with very thin, purplish-red petals, sprouting from a kind of chrysalis of green leaves. “Oh, how beautiful this flower is, but what a bad name it has”, thought Camilla, reading that it was a thistle.

Camilla was ashamed to ask for her flower

When he called to place his order, he was ashamed to call the flower by name and  say “I would like a thistle,” so he described it. In less than half an hour, the delivery boy arrived with his camel and handed her a paper bag.

Camilla did not know, but the delivery boy had not brought her a thistle, but an artichoke. He brought his nose closer, but he smelled no enveloping perfume. Its petals, instead of being delicate, seemed rough and cold to her. Despite this, he wanted to put it in the water thinking that maybe it was a matter of time and the purple flowers would come out of their “chrysalis”.

It was a very sad week for Camilla since every day she observed her “flower”, but she saw that nothing changed, absolutely nothing. One tragic day, however, something happened: the artichoke began to deteriorate.

“How can my family and friends say that having a flower is pleasant if it gave me only worry and sadness ?” Camilla wondered.

In a short ceremony the girl buried what remained of the artichoke in the desert. As the days passed, she recovered and decided to try another flower. “Maybe a stronger one will make me happy”, he thought before leafing through the catalog.

A new attempt after the first failure

Camilla found a flower, also with purple petals, which, according to the description, was very resistant to high and low temperatures. It was called decorative cabbage.

However, even in this case the name seemed ugly to her, so by phone she described the flower again to the retailer.

Within 20 minutes, the hot delivery boy handed her an envelope, wondering why she was driving him halfway across the desert for a simple cauliflower.

Indeed, from the description the dealer understood that Camilla wanted a purple cauliflower and, since she had never seen a flower, she thought it was a phase of the cabbage before its “purple moss” turned into petals.

Once again he put the plant in water to keep it alive, but it achieved the opposite effect: the cauliflower rotted and began to emit a nauseating smell. “Oh, it’s horrible!” Camilla exclaimed the day her tent got all pissed off. The girl buried the vegetables in the desert – without ceremony – and called her older sister who had worked in a garden as a young man.

How to recognize a flower?

“They weren’t flowers,” her sister assured her. “I don’t know what they were, but it wasn’t flowers. A flower can be recognized because it is undoubtedly beautiful and smells good with total certainty. It is always like this. Unless you take care of it, in that case, of course, it rots, ”he continued.

He ended the conversation with a warning: ” When you see a flower, you will  certainly recognize it. ” Months passed and Camilla devoted herself to other things, she devoted herself to old hobbies and friends. When she had almost forgotten the story of flowers, someone knocked on her door.

Flowers always come… without warning

It was the bellboy. He had just delivered some plants to a nearby tent and thought of bringing her a treat because it had been a long time since Camilla hadn’t placed an order.

The boy took from his camel’s saddlebag a violet planted in a small ceramic pot. Camilla was amazed: “This, this… is a flower!”, She exclaimed as she observed it closely and inhaled its aroma. “ It’s unique, moving, as if we were one instead of two when we smelled it ,” he said.

The delivery boy smiled and, as he went away on his camel, he was happy not to have brought Camilla the beetroot he had thought of giving her at the beginning.

The message of this story is crystal clear:  love has no half terms, there is or is not, without doubts.  Love comes without warning and fills with happiness. Anything that looks like it, but that makes us doubt, we do not need and it is certainly very different.

* Original story by Mar Pastor

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