How To Eliminate Limiting Thoughts

How to eliminate limiting thoughts

“We are what we do and, above all, we are what we do to change who we are.”

Eduardo Galeano

As we grow up, we are faced with situations that we do not always understand, but that create limiting thoughts in us in different areas of our life.

They may have to do with money, with gender stereotypes or with ourselves. The common denominator between them is that they hinder our efforts.

We all have limiting thoughts that prevent us from realizing our dreams. However, we can eliminate them by assuming the correct attitude and following a few simple steps.

What are you waiting for to take control of your life?

1. Identify your limiting thinking

“The real enemy is not age, but your beliefs” (Anonymous)

The first step is to find out what idea is blocking you. You will have to carefully analyze all your beliefs, until you find the unfounded thought.

It will probably seem very true to you, in reality it is just a lie that you have created in your head.

Take a pen and paper and write down all the ideas that seem absolutely true to you and that define your person. Once the list is complete, analyze it:

  • What are the basic ideas in your life?
  • How do they affect your relationships?
  • Do they limit you or push you?
limiting thoughts 2

Keep your mind open to any new information you gain. This exercise is not done to judge you, but to understand what values ​​support and limit your life.

2. Don’t make comparisons

Do you have a tendency to make comparisons between yourself and others and to believe that you are not up to them? When you compare yourself to someone, your trust is damaged and you end up feeling inferior.

If you continue to make comparisons between yourself and others, you will focus all your energy on the qualities that you do NOT have. They all have flaws and weaknesses, but also virtues that make you unique and precious.

“A man’s flaws always fit the kind of mind he has.

Observe its defects and you will know its virtues. “


Comparisons are common, but there is no reason to underestimate your potential just because you think another person is doing something better than you. There will always be someone who has more experience, knowledge or skills, but you, in turn, are superior to other people.

The limiting thoughts disappear when you realize that you are successful in certain areas of life, thanks to some skills.

limiting thoughts 3

3. Leave the past behind

“The past is an infinite collection of horrors that deserves nothing but oblivion; the future is a little reassuring unknown on which we must work; the present is the battlefield in which old age must be guaranteed ”.

Ernesto Mallo

Everyone makes mistakes in life, but not everyone interprets them the same way. Mistakes and mistakes do not define who you are today, nor who you will be tomorrow. Unfortunately, many do not understand this concept.

They are people who allow their past to turn into the basis of limiting thoughts, thus undermining their future. The latter, on the other hand, gradually builds up as the days go by.

Identify the mistakes you have made, analyze them and write your future starting today.

4. Take action and challenge your limiting thoughts

The best way to prove to yourself that limiting thoughts are unfounded is to challenge them.

Do you think you are too overweight to start playing sports? Walk for half an hour a day. Do you think it is too late to close a deal? Just do it. No matter what the thought is, just challenge it!

“Love drives away fear and fear drives away love. And fear not only drives out love, but also intelligence, goodness and thoughts of beauty and truth, leaving room only for silent despair. In the end, fear manages to expel humanity itself from man. “

(Aldous Huxley)

Limiting thoughts generate fear, anxiety and unhappiness. They make you believe that you are doing things wrong, so you will want to stop trying right after starting.

Instead of allowing your thoughts to stop you, get over them. Little by little, you will feel more confident and willing to move forward. As you advance, you will be stronger and more aware that you are in control of your life.

Prepare for a difficult process

Eliminating limiting thoughts is not easy. You will be forced to face your worst fears, but, in return, you will gain control over yourself and your results.

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