How To Help Someone Who Is Considering Suicide?

How to help someone who is considering suicide?

Unfortunately, some people see suicide as the final solution to a situation they feel is unsurpassable. There are those who try to commit suicide or those who think they will end it in one way or another because they feel unable to cope with the difficulties of life.

Sometimes, negative feelings such as estrangement from others, the loss of a relative, or grief over the end of a romance can act as a trigger.

In general, we have all experienced painful moments or moments that seemed impossible to resolve, but by focusing on our priorities, we were able to overcome them, despite the suffering. What causes these people to lose this perspective and see no other answer to their difficulties than that of committing suicide?

Depression and suicide

One disease that has to do with this question is depression. In addition to being one of the most common diseases in the world, it is perfect for creating negative emotional states that facilitate the practice of thoughts related to suicide.

Depression affects the way of thinking of those affected by it, reducing and shifting the mind’s attention to the negative side of situations and thoughts.

Many times, those who contemplate the idea of ​​taking their own life are oblivious to the fact that they are immersed in a deep depression and that these constant thoughts about suicide are but the vivid reflection of this inner state.

Alarming symptoms

In general, there are some signs that can alert us that a person is considering taking their own life. Here are some of them:

  • An inexplicable and persistent sadness. The sick person is almost always on the verge of crying, but never gets to express this emotion through the actual act.
  • Self-esteem is impaired ; this moment is mainly characterized by states of depression during which the subject has a negative perception of himself.
  • Oddities in habitual behavior, such as sleep and eating disorders. Furthermore, the person appears unable or particularly in difficulty in carrying out simple daily activities or in socializing. Normally, isolation from family and friends occurs which makes it harder for the sufferer to notice these symptoms.
  • Drug abuse intended as an escape from reality, as a way to forget the constant pain you are experiencing.

How to help someone who is considering suicide?

The first step is to establish a line of dialogue with the person who has thoughts about suicide. It is important to be predisposed to listening, without judging his actions or opinions. One of the paths through which this result can be most effectively achieved is to convey to the person that we understand his emotions and that these are the most logical reaction to the moment he is experiencing. It is important that this person continues to receive social support, even though they do everything they can to isolate themselves.

Another very important piece of advice is to never challenge someone who is thinking of taking their own life, because it would exaggerate their propensity to do so. If a person has threatened to commit suicide and has not yet done so, it does not mean that he does not have the courage to do so and that he will not do it in the future. Whether we tease her or don’t believe her, we’ll give her one more reason to do it.

Of course, seeking expert help is essential : psychiatrists and psychologists can provide the support that the suicidal person urgently requires to deal with his or her problems.

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