I Choose My Friends, Honesty Is Essential

I choose my friends, honesty is essential

Wanting your circle of friends or people you are close to practicing honesty and being trustworthy doesn’t make you snobbish or calculating. On the contrary, it makes you people aware of what they want and ready to get it without, however, wasting their precious time or making others waste it.

Sometimes relationships are maintained that border on the absurd, prolonging them too long for the simple convenience of not wanting to close them. Those used to giving nothing will soon tire even the most patient, while those who give little and badly will only generate tension.

Selecting your circle is synonymous with intelligence

Sometimes setting a limit to your patience with minor matters can make us more tolerant of matters that really deserve our attention. To endure for days, months and years people who are lying, conceited and who don’t seem to wish the best for us doesn’t seem like a good idea. Quite right?

We know that sooner or later we will meet people who do not respect us. This could be our boss or a member of our family, in which case it will be very difficult to cut ties and get away from them. In this article, however, we are not referring to this type of relationship. We are talking about those people who take advantage of your life by generating discomfort in you and not giving you everything they promised you. These relationships often become facade relationships, carried on out of fear or lack of self-esteem and without having the strength to close them.


A brand built for the people around us

As we grow, evolve or change, most people change the way they understand social relationships, especially those closest to them. If in the period of adolescence and youth we like to relate to a large number of people, in adulthood we prefer quality over quantity, considering honesty an indispensable ingredient of our relationships. We don’t have much time, we have less fun and we like to spend our free time with people who enrich us.

If we look around, we discover the existence of some social factors that focus on appearance, image or marketing. And not only for the business world, but also for people. They tell us that we must build our personality as if it were a brand, thus making it as desirable as possible in the eyes of others. They make us build an immaculate profile that shows both our professional and personal skills. A brand designed specifically to look like a competitive product, without the need to be authentic.

Without wanting to stigmatize social networks as a harmful element, since they still represent a fun and useful element on several occasions, it is good to be aware of the importance of being honest with yourself and maintaining honest relationships; of the need to eliminate all haste and falsehood, so as to allow us to live in a continuous of good feelings and not of continuous bad moods.

Once again, it is right to specify that we do not want to fall into a false idealism: it is simply a matter of encouraging us as far as possible to avoid those who do not add anything and who, on some occasions, have already shown that they can upset us and to hurt.


What are you looking for? Look for it without guilt

There are not a few people with histrionic and narcissistic tendencies who try to surround themselves with relationships that bring them fame, popularity or contacts. In this way, relationships end up denaturalizing and transforming into a means, as artificial as technology, aimed at achieving other purposes.

On the other hand, although there are people of this type, most of us look for relationships that are an end in themselves and that hinge on a principle of honesty. In this case, the relationship can be a tool to make our short passage in the world as pleasant as possible, but nothing more. Consequently, if you are looking for true relationships, if transparency is what matters to you, ask for less.

Maybe you too have stopped arousing interest in someone one day. You went beyond the limits of his patience, you bored him with your conversations and your presence was no longer to his liking. Despite everything, the relationship is still there. Therefore, do not stop working to try to surround yourself with honesty and simplicity in your relationships, even when they are going through a difficult time.

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