I Know Where He Is Going And Where He Shouldn’t Go Back

I know where he is going and where he must not return

We all have a void in our hearts, a hidden place to which we return in our minds, but never in person. There are places, scenarios, people and things that are anchored in our past and determine us. It is the experience of lived acts, of lost loves, of frustrations, of broken hopes, of unrealized happiness that will never return.

How many times have you felt lost? In reality, you will experience this disorientation many more times, because nothing is certain in this world, because that feeling of inner loss forces you to move forward, to keep learning.

Life gets us used to facing obstacles, but the real limits are set by ourselves. Don’t make things more difficult than they are: if something hurts you, exasperates you and destroys you internally, break that wall and make a decision never to come back.

What really matters is knowing where you don’t have to go back. Sometimes, distance is the only answer to our unhappiness; with each step in the opposite direction to the source of our pain, we climb a step towards personal growth. However, to really succeed, we need a lot of courage.

I am that person who knows where he is going

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Knowing where we are going does not mean that we have a destiny already decided. We are talking about purposes, projects and, above all, self-knowledge. To know what we deserve and what we don’t want to experience again, to be able to set limits for our emotional growth.

In life, there should come a time when we stop feeling the need to meet our selves to create ourselves. Desire creates thought, and thought is a powerful weapon that guides us on our true path.

If we ask ourselves whether we know where we are going or not, we will see that we cannot give ourselves a sure answer. Who knows what awaits us tomorrow? We know what we have here and now, but tomorrow is like water running out of our hands.

  • A person knows where he goes when he is sure of himself, when experience has taught him to be courageous and patient. Those who know how to wait will be rewarded.
  • A person knows where he goes when he is confident, when he has an open mind and knows how to intuit reality.
  • A person knows where he goes when he gives what he deserves and gives himself what he needs.
  • A person knows where he goes when he stops believing that life has to be perfect to be wonderful.
  • A person knows where he goes when he finds out what he is capable of doing.

These discoveries are not made overnight. It is a process, a path to go through in life; we must always go in one direction: forward, leaving behind all those places, spaces and people to whom we should never return.

Places with no return, hearts to leave in the past

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If you don’t let go of the past, how can you conquer your future? Sometimes it is necessary to look back and put a significant distance with those who have hurt us, with that experience that made us change or with that place that reminds us of a past that does not represent us.

True courage lies not in letting go of the people who have hurt us, but in learning to be without that part of us that is left with them.

However, we are aware that it is not easy to turn the page and tell ourselves that we will never return. The act of leaving, of abandoning, of putting a distance with something or someone, implies the breaking of a bond that can be familiar, emotional or of friendship. Whatever the situation, there is always some emotional pain.

  • Letting go of someone or something means distancing oneself from that person and from the identity we had built together with her.
  • Leaving means getting in touch with ourselves again, to be able to heal the wound, to reinvent ourselves and to move forward. To grow.
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  • When a bond is broken and a wound healed, we not only gain a lesson, but also an inner change. Leaving something is losing, but sometimes this loss can also be seen as a victory, as a form of personal growth.

As you seek what you want, be happy with what you have. Life is an exciting journey in which, at times, we have to leave places and never return.

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