I Like You Because You Make Small Moments Great

I like you because you make small moments great

I like you because life seems easy with you. There are no tricks, no excuses, no distances, no selfishness when I share my time with you. And it’s not easy for that to happen nowadays.

We talk about meaningful relationships that can include friendship, couple affection, as well as family ties. In reality it is not at all easy to erect harmonious and balanced relationships, relationships in which, without knowing how, small moments become great moments.

During the day, our thoughts are occupied in a special way by at least one, two or three people. It is not necessarily the partner: even friends can turn out to be significant individuals with whom they can share a thought, an experience, a desire …

Without knowing how, we manage to weave very fine golden threads that unite us with each other. They are those “special people” who with certainty establish themselves in our soul without understanding why, but this pleases us. They share values, feelings and above all reciprocity with us.

The basic pillars of meaningful relationships


People, human beings, build their relationships based for the most part not on rational, but emotional factors. We let ourselves be carried away by those inexplicable connections capable of binding us to each other.

The plot of life is based on chance: that workmate who accidentally stumbled on us, that university friend who was rejected in that same exam, the friend of the friend who by chance we found ourselves at the party … Everyday life is made up of life that must be lived, of moments that allow for more or less significant bonds to be established if these four requirements are met:

First law: affection

Affection has always been and always will be the main pillar in support of authentic relationships, those of a lifetime, those that know no time or distance. I like you because I know you care about me, because my affection is sincere, because I always wish you the best, just like you do with me …

It’s not just about relationships. Sincere love, affection that warms, satisfies and worries is also necessary for the bonds of friendship and family, because those who love us truly respect us and consider us important in their life. Each of us needs affection to feel secure, to consolidate their roots, to feel good about themselves.


Second law: look at the positive in others

This dimension is absolutely fundamental. Everyone is familiar with the feeling you get when you have a person next to you who can only highlight our negative aspects: defects, mistakes, fears, insecurities …

  • When you meet a person who is capable of positively appreciating who we are, of accepting our faults and willing to encourage us to improve every day rather than judge us, then we will know that we have found a real treasure.
  • It is good to know that in order to be able to bring out the positive aspects of others, we must first of all get rid of many of our prejudices.
  • There are those who see life from a limited point of view, those who cannot even consider themselves as a capable, courageous and happy person. This inner malaise will lead him to focus exclusively on the defects of others.

Third law: trust

How many do you blindly trust? The first person we should have full and complete trust in is ourselves. After that, the element that can really enrich our life is the daily support of that friend, partner, mother or brother who we know is always by our side.

  • The person we trust will always have a positive opinion about us.
  • He will be able to listen, he will be able to understand us and he will be able to show us his great empathy.
  • He knows how to work as a team.
  • He will take charge of your mistakes and report ours in a constructive way.
  • He will believe in our abilities.

Fourth law: a healthy addiction

A curious aspect linked to the theme of addiction is that sometimes, despite knowing the differences between healthy and harmful, almost without knowing how, we end up involved in a relationship in which the scales tip against us. For this it is important to keep in mind some basic aspects necessary to establish positive and meaningful relationships.

  • A relationship, whether it is a friendship or a couple, must favor growth, advancement, learning … the finding of a balance.
  • If we realize that we are giving all of ourselves, that we are offering ourselves without receiving anything in return and that we are slowly losing the ability to recognize ourselves, let us stop and reflect on the situation.
  • People who base their bond on a healthy addiction, respect spaces, know how to enrich without imposing and understand that life is giving and not taking away.

Images courtesy of Marie Coubert and Pascal Campion

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