If I Want It, I Deserve It

If I want it, I deserve it

According to an Eastern saying, wishing for something is dangerous, as anything you desire can come true. I don’t know if it really works like this, but what is certain is that I will not allow anyone to make me believe that I am unable to fulfill my wishes, much less that I do not deserve to fulfill them.

It is important to have a clear idea of ​​who we are and what we want to become, so that we can begin to build ourselves. It would seem an easy puzzle, yet being able to understand what you want from life and then putting it into practice is extremely complicated. However, understanding this will allow us to pinpoint our goal, and once that is clear, what we deserve will come by itself.

Only I know what I deserve

No one will ever get to know me better than I know myself. I’m the only one who knows what I went through and how I experienced it. For this reason, I also ask not to be judged: the experiences that led me to where I am today are mine, unique and personal.

When you finally learn about yourself, you will be able to set your priorities and act on them, setting boundaries and discovering what makes you happy. At this point, you will also find out what you need to achieve to enjoy life to the fullest. And when you get what you deserve, what you need will come.

I need what I deserve, and I can only get it thanks to me, allowing myself to believe in it. In life I don’t need people who make me believe that I don’t deserve what I need or that I’m not up to it. I want to enjoy my every wish as well as everything I own and am grateful for.


If I want it, I deserve it

You have probably already found self-esteem under your feet because of those who made you believe that this was the way it had to be; indeed, some people manage to undermine the self-esteem of others without even doing it on purpose. However, the sooner we learn to give ourselves permission to be what we can and want to be, the sooner we will be fine doing what we do.

It is easy, in the face of negative situations, to hear phrases such as “after all I have done, I do not deserve it”, “I do not deserve what is happening”, “I have not done anything to deserve this”. The question, however, is another: where should the limit be placed between learning and excess pain?

I have always believed that it is more convenient to analyze every situation taking into account the mechanisms that we ourselves put in place: if we allow what we do not believe deserves to consume us, we will only reinforce the conviction that we do not deserve such a thing. Yet we are all here to make sure we have lived each day as we intended to.

If it makes me happy, it’s for me

I am not satisfied with what I consider insufficient, I do not choose anything that I am not convinced that I deserve: it is not a question of wanting what is most beautiful in the world, but the people and things that will make my world better. I don’t need people who make me feel different.

Sometimes we are blinded to the point of not being able to see beyond the surface. Like when you are part of a relationship that others do not understand or do not accept, because they are convinced that we do not deserve it.


In those cases, we tend to close in on ourselves without listening to them, making a mistake: often those around us only want our good. Other times, however, it is envy that makes them talk.

“And be happy.

But not for someone,

not for something.

Maybe with someone.

None of this;

be happy because, after all, that’s what you deserve “

-Loreto Sesma-

First of all, I have to think about what makes me happy, so that those around me are happy too. If it makes me happy, it’s for me, I deserve it and that’s why I have to fight.

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