If You Always Act The Same Way, Don’t Expect Different Results

If you always act the same way, don't expect different results

There was a time when a certain strategy, resource or resolution helped you to get a good result. At that juncture, in which you felt lost and disconsolate, the solution appeared out of nowhere; you applied it and it worked. For this reason, you have thought about using it again, in the face of the new difficulty, but now the good results do not seem so evident.

It is true that certain problems can be solved with the same strategies that had already produced good results in the past, but there are others that are instead complicated. In general, repeating a process that got us out of trouble is a smart tactic, but only if we don’t apply it automatically and put all our hopes on it working.

It is good to know how to stop time and look for an alternative when we see that the one in progress does not work. In this article, we offer you a different view with which to observe your problems. You decide whether to always act in the same way or to try different methods. Think about it.

You are the most experienced in your problem

When faced with a problem, there is no person more experienced than the one who is involved. Does it seem strange to you? Do you think this does not represent you? The individual who has a problem is the most experienced in that area, because he is the one who has lived with that difficulty or malaise for the longest time. It is he who, paradoxically, has kept the situation standing by means of his ineffective attempts, with the intention of making that unpleasant experience disappear as soon as possible.

You are the greatest experts in your problem, the ones who know most of all, even if you haven’t realized it yet.

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Sometimes we cling to old ways in which we try to resolve the situation; these are techniques that may have worked in the past, but now, even if the circumstance seems similar to us, they no longer have the same effect. We stagnate in the same spot because we don’t realize all these things.

We systematically repeat what we believe to be effective, actually useless in solving the current problem. We are trapped in a vicious circle that is very difficult to break.

Sometimes problems arise just when an ineffective solution is repeated over time ; the way out does not appear, on the contrary: more and more negative results appear.

We advise you to treat the problem as if you were in a relationship with it. When there is an obstacle or an argument with your partner, what do you do to get different results? Do you always continue to act in the same way or do you try to reach a compromise, a pact? Come to terms with your dilemma!

In this way, you will stop to reflect on what is happening and you will be able to understand what is the attempt that you have repeated over time without results. At that point, you can choose to modify it or discard it.

Try to act differently

Try to face your problem. Observe and analyze your way of acting. You will find that you are in a hole created by always digging in the same spot. For example, do you think you will fix something if you have a problem and complain about it all the time? Don’t you see that there are alternatives besides the choice you are fixated on?

If you always do the same thing, don’t expect different results. Turn the page ; isn’t it better to aim for something different? Do you want to complain that things do not go as you would like, waiting for them to change by themselves, as if by magic? If you bake a cake and it burns, will you continue to set the oven at the same temperature?


If the strategies you are applying are useless, go out and look for better ones. Act different and see what happens ! Do not deceive yourself: often putting the same strategy in place does not give you solutions, on the contrary, it creates a new problem.

For example, when you cannot sleep and instead of relaxing you are invoking sleep to come, you are doing the opposite of what would be indicated. In fact, you should rest and distract your mind with stimuli that do not activate your sympathetic nervous system. If, on the other hand, you always play the same solution, you will frighten sleep to the point of not appearing all night, which is the exact opposite of what you wanted.

This also happens when you anticipate a state of anxiety. It is precisely the countermeasures applied to avoid it that cause it to arise little by little, since you are particularly attentive to your physiological reactions.

This is a frequent mechanism also in couple relationships: she wants to know the partner’s opinion, but she doesn’t ask him because she thinks it should be a spontaneous gesture; meanwhile, he doesn’t say anything because he fears his partner might be annoyed. Both are convinced to adopt the most appropriate attitude in the face of the facts, in reality they do nothing but increase the level of tension and the size of the problem grows.

Relate to your problem differently

We’ve already said it: doing the same thing over and over won’t get you different results. Open other doors, discover new possibilities and other points of view, be more aware, take risks, become familiar with the sensations you feel. Change your relationship to the problem and then the right solutions will emerge.

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As Von Foerster would say “if you want to see something, learn to act”. If you want to get different results, do something different and see what happens. You are the engine of your experience, the masters of your destiny and the captains of your soul.

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