If You Are Not Happy With What You Have, You Will Not Be Happy With What You Lack

If you are not happy with what you have, you will not be happy with what you lack

Many of you will have heard the phrase “money does not bring happiness, but I prefer to cry inside a Ferrari”. It sounds like a nice and ironic joke, and indeed it is, but the profound reading we extract is not at all.

The ideas of this type derive from a savage neo-capitalism that leads us to hate our life on certain occasions, to feel like failures and to think that everything would be better if we had a determination that would make us happy.

They say that if you have the money, the penalties are less important. However, they always remain the same, they are simply adorned with more beautiful packaging for others, but not for you. It is clear that having a job and belonging to a medium-high economic level guarantees carefree. Nevertheless, it is also true that money does not ensure mental health, on the contrary: in some cases it even aggravates certain problems and completely incorrectly fills certain gaps.

If you are not happy with what you have, you will not be happy with what you lack or with what you believe you are missing. Living in this state is not a healthy ambition, but an agitated condition that makes you miss the unique moments in your life.

Life does not begin when you get what you want

The unemployment rates that affect many countries today have psychological consequences in the short, medium and long term. However, if we leave aside the social and economic question, we should delve into the factors that explain the constant need, incredibly present in Western society, to change and renew material desires.

Think of that acquaintance of yours waiting to have enough money to spend a few days at the beach with his family or waiting to get a certain job to get all his friends together and celebrate. What happens to his mood during this time? It probably freezes and submits to a future event, a possibility and clings to the hands of the clock to speed up time.

If you wait for the arrival of an external condition and then fall victim to an internal emptiness, you are actually wasting a time that will never come back. It may be that when the great news arrives (if it does come), your soul will be too exhausted because of the path of waiting it has taken.


Nobody says that you don’t have to have aspirations, but these cannot always be relegated to the reality before you. Don’t forget that it often takes a lot of courage and a strong tolerance to frustration and uncertainty to face reality. It is convenient to act knowing that what you leave behind is in perfect order, but life is not just about safety or having everything under control: it is also the ability to live with risk.

The certainty of tranquility is not synonymous with happiness

You have to dare and benefit from your energy without it needing an idyllic context to emerge. Think that only by exploring the energy that you already have available will you be able to find new sources to recharge yourself. Life is made up of stages and each of them has a special charm that we often appreciate only when we see it in retrospect.

Being happy with what you have doesn’t mean being conformists. Taking advantage of the positive things in your life does not mean having a basic and defeatist mentality. Knowing how to see the beauty in the people and in the daily situations that surround you means learning that we are thanks to the inner peace we enjoy and that we transmit, despite our pockets are often empty. Being happy with what you have means aspiring to improve as a person and not as an object.

It is not through banks that one learns not to lose control and judgment for a single bad economic situation, but through lessons; it is perceived with the eyes, it is fought with the resources of the intellect and it is accepted with the heart. The most important thing in life is inner peace and that also means having gone through periods of total uncertainty. This is not learned with a promotion or a permanent contract. It is a long and arduous emotional work.


Obviously everyone eagerly waits to achieve what they need to be happier, but if this will takes away all the passion they would feel for the present, then it is not a desire, but an emotional self-imposition.

Our dreams must make us flow and our goals must not make our flow a foolish comings and goings, but a bet for a serious responsibility that allows us to work and vibrate at the same time. Being happy with what we have is a bet on the present that will be reflected in our future.

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