If You Love Me, Prove It

If you love me, prove it

If you love me, show it, but not in words, with deeds. I do nothing with the sweet words that come out of your mouth and with which you try to delight my ears. Don’t deceive me, don’t confuse me. If you really love me, prove it with facts.

In couple relationships, or rather in couple’s illusions, disappointments and disillusions are more and more frequent. A problem that is aggravated due to the speed with which we start our relationships, without waiting for the other person to show himself as he really is. By doing so, we get a misconception that, over time, it will show its true nature.

Falling in love makes us blind

We must not forget that at the beginning of a relationship, falling in love makes us blind. We are so excited about the idea that that person is part of our life, that we end up forgetting to see everything from another perspective. Unwittingly, we observe the reality we want to observe, not the one that really exists.

It seems that in those moments no one has to prove anything. Everything is beautiful, you just want to see each other and spend time together. You want to get to know each other better and this is good, but it is not good to hang your feet too long in falling in love.


The fact is that in the moments leading up to a relationship, people tend to show their best face. We are not saying that they lie, simply that you tend to hide your way of being a little bit. The same person who used to be always attentive and concerned for your well-being is suddenly no longer. What has changed? Why isn’t he who he seemed to be?

You will realize that your assumptions are not wrong. You have probably deluded yourself with unreal hopes and expectations about the person with whom you have decided to share your life. Your partner, for his part, has probably caught your attention with strategies he no longer uses.

Let’s not forget that when we meet someone, our goal is to please them. If the initial feelings are marked by malaise, it will be impossible to strike up a relationship. This is why, with the passage of time, people no longer feel the need to give the best of them to make you fall in love again, while remaining the same as always.

Love must be demonstrated with actions

The sense of relaxation that pervades us after having conquered the desired person, over the years leads us to stop trying to revive the feeling every day. Demonstrations of affection are less and less frequent and words are devoid of feeling. Everything turns into routine.

But love must be shown with actions, not empty words. Spontaneous sincere caresses and kisses are signals that make members of the couple understand that mutual desire and affection is still alive. And don’t forget that commitment is about both.


If over the years you have developed a feeling of disappointment because your partner has changed, think about it and try to see the situation from the right perspective. Maybe you got an idea of ​​him / her that wasn’t real. All relationships change over time. The routine, the sharing of moments, the problems, everything has an influence.

To overcome this, the solution is very simple: communicate. It is essential to face the question, to understand if you have moved away from each other, why you no longer exchange the affection you exchanged before. If you are ashamed to address the subject, it may be because it has been too long since the last time, but it is essential.

It is important to take a certain perspective on your relationship to see with different eyes how it has evolved. Sometimes we do not realize that we have been disappointed in a person even if now he does not respect us, he mistreats us psychologically and treats us with indifference. All this happens because in our mind the memory of that past full of illusions is still alive.


It is absolutely normal, over the years, that relationships and people change, for this reason it is necessary to talk about your relationship to recover the complicity that made us fall in love with each other. We don’t have to relax, nothing is taken for granted, and if we put in so much effort in the beginning, why not keep doing it for a lifetime?

Never forget this:  if you love, show it, but in words that are supported by sincere and real actions.

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