I’m Tired Of The Way You Loved Me

I'm tired of the way you loved me

I’m tired of being loved like this, maybe it happens to you too. She / he told you he loved you, but maybe that’s not enough. You seem to be your partner’s last priority; you feel that you are alone in the relationship, because the other is always busy, working, busy with friends or family. He does not know the value of the measure and for him / her everything is important: work, family, friends… and you?

You are shattered by his multiple absences, by the incessant lack of affection, kisses, caresses, hugs. Day after day, you lose a part of yourself, like a vase that you try to fix badly, until it breaks into a thousand pieces and there is no way to put it back on its feet.

There is no more hope, you have tried many times to explain it to him, in vain. I’m tired of being loved like this. And now you cry too, because you know that he / she is hurting too. Now cry with nostalgia, listening to that song that united you between laughter, between caresses and kisses in that historic bar that no longer exists … that no longer exists for you two.

There is nothing left between us, I am tired and everything has been lost

“I know that you are crying now, that you are sad, that you have realized what you have lost. But now I’m gone, now I’m empty inside, I’m tired of the way you loved me. I have nothing more to give you, nothing to offer you.

My world is different, my stories are different, a new love occupies my heart. By now I feel that you are no longer part of my life, I feel that there is nothing to unite us. I cried my tears for you, I opened my arms to you over and over again, but now that’s enough … I’m tired of the way you loved me now.

And even if I didn’t hope for it and couldn’t imagine it, a new love has arrived and with it a new hope, again the will to live. Now I’m happy, we take care of each other, we love each other, we laugh together. He loves me like no one else has ever done, he cares for me as I do for him. He understood that we are a team and that together we can reach the end of the world, because love is made in two “.

You may feel identified in these words. When in a relationship we feel that we have been pushed aside, that we have become invisible, pain and suffering invade us as we see how our relationship disappears, without being able to do anything.


Sometimes it happens because the members of a couple have an opposite conception of love or because they do not know how to express their feelings and needs in the right way, hoping that the other will guess them, but it is impossible if there is no dialogue. Assumptions are dangerous, even more so in a couple relationship. Dealing with a relationship passively can cause it to slowly fade away, little by little.

How to keep the flame of love alive?

Love is a sweet effort. When the first few moments have passed, you have to keep fighting for that love, if that’s what you really want. Love must be watered like a plant, it must be revived like a fire that does not want to extinguish … How can it be done? It’s possible? With will and commitment, anything is possible. The following tips can help you:

  • Win back. In love, nothing is taken for granted: you have to fight and regain the lost kingdoms every day … Come back to surprise your partner, dedicate little thoughts to him, call him, go back for a walk together, tell him your things. Revive the love that united you one day.
  • Don’t forget your relationship for convenience. In love, nothing is certain. Many are convinced that their love has given way to a comfort that they both like. But it doesn’t work like that, love is like a small flame that must always be kept burning.
  • Don’t make too many absences. When you have a lot of business at stake, like work, you tend to put your relationship aside. Don’t forget that love is like a job: if you don’t show up, you can lose it. Make time for the relationship.
  • Don’t stop talking. Communication is the foundation of any relationship. When we talk to others about what’s happening to us, our bond strengthens. Do not go to sleep without first clearing up all your difficulties. Apologize, don’t be proud and don’t be ashamed. Asking forgiveness at the right time can help overcome a thousand obstacles.  

If you are convinced that he / she is the person you want to be with, do not abandon them, build your relationship together day after day, regardless of the differences and changes you may face. Love and routine never got along.

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