Imagination Helps Manage Negative Emotions

Imagination helps manage negative emotions

Emotions belong to us,  so we can’t get rid of them even when we want to. Feeling anger, jealousy, or hate is normal, even if they are negative emotions that we should be able to handle. The biggest problem is that no one has taught us how to do it. With the help of our imagination, however, we can do it.

We know that negative emotions are not a reason to boast and, for this very reason, we try to repress  and hide them. This is not a good solution as you will surely know that they will emerge anyway, one way or another. While you can’t choose what emotions to feel, you can decide what to do with these unpleasant emotions.

Emotions are trains that come and go

What does a train do, does it always stop at the same point? No, a train moves, arrives and then leaves. Very often we have been told to imagine our life as a train on which people get on, sometimes they stay and sometimes they leave. Well, now use your imagination to visualize this train, but think of it loaded with negative emotions.


When we feel anger or anger, it seems to us that we cannot free ourselves from these emotions in any way.  They cling and never let us go. However, the truth is, we don’t let them go. We must begin to see them as if they were inside a train which, after a few minutes or hours, will take a different path.

Maybe you find it hard to imagine your emotions on a train or maybe you think it doesn’t help you. You are not aware that your mind is the most powerful thing you have; if you believe that something is possible, it occurs and the same happens if you think otherwise.

Answer this question: Why don’t positive emotions worry you? If they don’t, the same should happen with the negative ones. The problem is that we give too much importance to the latter, because they give us negative feelings. Don’t give them importance, don’t focus on them. In this way, the train will restart and they will vanish.

Shape your emotions

This technique could prove particularly suitable for children, although, of course, it is also perfectly valid for adults. Sometimes we repress our emotions to such an extent that we escape from them, we ignore them, despite the fact that they continue to stay there.

For this reason, a good idea would be to shape them. Unleash your imagination and think that the jealousy you feel, or anger, is in your hands. Try to imagine how much they weigh, what color they have, if they are big or small… Give characteristics to your emotions, analyze them, observe them.


This will allow you to manage them more effectively. Instead of ignoring them, you will describe them, and this will help you deal with them. Imagine them big, dark and heavy. This will make you reflect and wonder if this is really the case or if, perhaps, you are making a tragedy out of an irrelevant situation.

This technique is useful for children, as they are unable to handle negative emotions. Sometimes even we adults don’t know how to do it. But remember that even if you ignore them, they will stay there, they won’t fade away, and if you don’t remedy them, they will consume you.

If they scare you, ridicule them

Negative emotions scare us.  Once we have implemented the previous point, we will come across a monster that characterizes the anger we have inside. If you want to get rid of it, you have to prevent it from frightening you.

If you follow the previous point, grabbing and ridiculing your negative emotions, they will not survive. Think of a monster speaking in a ridiculous voice or imagine him dressed in a skirt and hat. This will help you smile and, even if you don’t believe it, it will allow you to make the negative emotions disappear.


We can’t get rid of negative emotions, but we can let them go.  By using these imaginative techniques and more, you can stop feeding them and prevent them from getting bigger. Anger, if fueled, can make us do things that we would surely regret.

It may seem ridiculous to manage emotions in this way, but we assure you that it could be really useful. Do not think that you are stupid, your negative emotions are already making you feel like this, but they are the ones that are ridiculous. See things in this light and you will be able to remove the negativity and bad thoughts. Your imagination is more powerful than you think.

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