Knowing How To Wait: 5 Quotes

Knowing how to wait: 5 quotes

Knowing how to wait is a true art. Those who have developed this talent show that they have reached an important degree of personal evolution. It presupposes self-control, tolerance to frustration, temperance and the ability to see reality in the right perspective.

When we come into the world we are quite the opposite. The newborn does not postpone the satisfaction of his needs.  He wants what he wants and asks for it to be given to him instantly. If he doesn’t get it, he gets desperate and bursts into tears.

Knowing how to wait is an achievement that can only be achieved with time, experience and a patient work on oneself. It is a great virtue that protects and strengthens in the face of adversity. It allows us to endure bad times with an excellent attitude. The great thinkers know all this and for this they have left us wonderful maxims about it. We present five.

1. The pleasure of knowing how to wait

If there is anyone who cultivates the art of knowing how to wait, it is certainly hunters and fishermen. For this reason, one of Joseph Antoine René Joubert’s quotes says: “ The pleasure of hunting is the pleasure of waiting ”. As we can see, in this case we do not speak of waiting as a sacrifice, but as an attitude that generates satisfaction.

The hunter’s wait is an active wait. Waiting is part of the challenge that  involves being able to catch its prey.  The only way to get it is to give it time to get out of its hiding place and get to a position where he can act and capture it. The same happens with fishermen.

At the end of the day, it’s a metaphor for life. We must wait for the right moment  and know how to act when it comes.

Man astride fish with eye

2. The best way to wait

Gustave Flaubert argued that “ We must wait when we are desperate , and proceed when we wait ”. It is the paradox that comes from knowing how to wait. It doesn’t mean passivity, it just means moving in the right direction.

Active waiting means not just watching the time go by. If anything, it is related to being aware that it is  important to keep moving forward, even if this progress is limited or does not offer exactly what we are looking for immediately.

3. Better not to anticipate

Part of the art of knowing how to wait consists in not placing oneself in future mental scenarios, especially when they concern possible problems, which at the moment have not occurred. Many times it happens that we wear ourselves out trying to solve problems that have not yet arisen.

Julia Navarro reminds us of this when she says: “ When we get to that river, we’ll talk about that bridge ”. Returning to the metaphor, we never know whether or not we will get to that river. We may never do it, but it takes a long time and a long life to build it in our imagination.

Wooden bridge with side strings

4. Wait with hope

One of Samuel Johnson’s phrases says “It is necessary to wait, even if hope must always be frustrated, because hope itself is a joy and its failures, however frequent, are less horrible than its extinction ”.

As Johnson says, hope in itself is happiness. It means looking to tomorrow with optimism and positive expectations. Although what is expected does not come , the attitude itself is a plus for our life . Despondency, on the other hand, is the death of any enthusiasm for tomorrow. With it, life itself begins to lose value.

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5. Everything comes …

This is one of the simplest, but also clearest, sentences on the subject of waiting. “ Everything comes for those who know how to wait ”. The author of this maxim is Henry W. Longfellow. He summed up in one sentence all that can be said about the art of knowing how to wait.

Many times we do not get what we want because we are not persevering enough. Sometimes it takes time and sometimes this time is even considerable. Perhaps this long wait leads us to act or to abandon the goal ahead of time. We forget that the more we persevere, the more likely we are to get what we seek.

Knowing how to wait requires maturity, balance, character. It is one of the hardest achievements in life, but also one of the sweetest and most instructive. He who knows how to wait also knows how to live.

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