Laws Of Abundance: Decalogue To Live Better

Laws of abundance: decalogue to live better

The laws of abundance encompass some of the so-called “laws of the universe”. These represent a number of beliefs about positive thinking.

Under the laws of abundance , it is likely to be successful just where we thought we would. The abundance mentality is an aid in carrying out one’s purposes.

These laws are 10 and they exist in the universe even if we are not participants in them.

What do we refer to in abundance?

The term abundance refers to a large quantity, be it physical or conceptual. In addition, it can represent prosperity, wealth or well-being. The latter are the nuances we want to emphasize.

If we wanted to broaden its meaning, we would be talking about a mental, emotional and physical state that helps us achieve our goals.

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The 10 laws of abundance

The ten laws of abundance relating to our universe are:

1. Law of creation

We are capable of creating what we want to be, do or have, if we first believe or think it.

2. Law of vibration

Similar to the previous law, the more we think or feel about something, the more we believe it. This can have a negative effect if our emotions or thoughts are not positive.

3. Law of cause and effect

Our experiences are connected by a number of causes and effects inherent in them. Therefore, our actions, thoughts and emotions originate in our past and carry over to our future.

The immediate consequence of this idea is that we have infinite power over our present to influence what happens to us.

4. Law of equilibrium

According to this law, anyone who is able to make a contribution to the world, in any way, will receive something in return. If we hope for luck from the world, we must help make it better.

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5. Law of order

The order must be this and not another. First, you have to be something, and then know how to do it and get results. If we want to have a successful pastry shop, for example, first we have to be specialists in the field, then create the product. Finally, if we follow the steps mentioned above correctly, we will be successful.

6. Law of action

We all have our own signature, our own style. This way of doing things sets us apart, makes us predictable to others and defines us.

Eventually this style turns into an inertia that invites us to act in a way that is consistent with what we have done and with the modus operandi adopted.

7. Law of least effort

It is not about taking the strain out of our life or carrying out our activities listlessly. On the contrary, it is about finding the simplest and most productive way to achieve the goal.

If there is a simpler method that has the same results, what reason is there for us to waste our energy?

8. Law of means and ends

First you have to be in order to have. If we want an end, we must find the means: in this case, the happiness of tomorrow is conditioned by that of today.

9. Law of the expression of gifts

As we saw in law number 4, we must be generous if we want the world to be generous to us. By sharing what we do well, we will contribute to proper social functioning.

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10. Law of posting

Contrary to what may seem in this decalogue, we must not carry out an action by thinking about the result. It is clear that if we are generous, we will encounter generosity among those around us. But we don’t have to pay attention to receiving, but to giving.

Now that you know the 10 laws of abundance, you are free to adopt them and integrate the results of personal reflection on them into your life story.

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