Love Yourself So That Others Love You

Love each other so that others love you

How is it possible to ask someone to love us if we don’t love ourselves? It is impossible to be comfortable with others if we don’t start with our heart.

For this reason, today we want to give you some tips to strengthen your self-esteem.

Tips for loving yourself

If you need others to love you, you have to start with yourself. In this sense, we can give you a series of tips that will prove useful to help you enhance your person.

Be concerned with what you think about yourself


Let’s start with this phrase from the wonderful singer Gloria Gaynor, in fact it is perfect to illustrate our first tip.

The only person you are sure to spend your entire life with is yourself,  so love yourself, because the person you need to think carefully about is within you.

Don’t forget that you are a person of great value. Always think about how much you are worth and how well you do what you like.

If other people don’t believe in your worth, don’t let their opinion affect you and lower your self-esteem, because eventually you could fall into the horrible tunnel of depression.

Take some time

Even if you are busy, it is important to be able to find time for yourself. Find a hole in your agenda and try to keep it every day to be alone with yourself.

Think about how you are, what you did well and what badly, when you enjoyed yourself and when you suffered. Ultimately, save a small part of the day to get to know each other a little more.

Thanks to the time you dedicate to yourself, you will learn to know yourself better and value yourself a little more.

In this way, it is much easier to love yourself: get in touch with your innermost self, your true and wonderful essence.

Train your self-esteem

If you want others to love you, it is important to train self-esteem. If you let yourself be swayed by pessimism, you will end up believing that you are worthless. In other words, you need to believe in yourself and get away from toxic people.

Avoid toxic people

Individuals who are unable to value themselves find the confidence to move forward only by undermining the self-esteem of their fellow men.

In this way, they achieve small and insignificant successes that allow them to advance in life for brief moments until they feel the need to crush someone again to find new stimuli.

It is evident that this way of being is truly self-destructive, which is why people of this type are lonely, dependent and dictatorial; they become toxic people who need to be around people with weak personalities and low self-esteem.

You must avoid these people in every way, because maintaining relationships with them could be really dangerous to your health.

In reality, toxic people don’t love us, as much as they scream at it from the rooftops. They simply need us, because they are unable to face themselves, their fears and their dark inner personality.

Don’t get them wrong. If you have to humble yourself to feel loved, then you are living a beautiful and good lie.

Make decisions

Another good exercise you can do to love yourself more every day is to make decisions. Don’t let others decide which direction your life should take.

Decide for yourself the path you want to take in the world. This security will be felt by others, who will love you and sincerely appreciate you for it.


Love each other very much

Remember to love yourself every day. Don’t be swayed by a stressful job, a possessive family, or a toxic environment.

If you really need and want to be loved, start with yourself. Make decisions, move forward in life with a sure footing and do not allow anyone to take away your dreams, your illusions or certainties.

People who are truly worthy of your affection will understand this and will love you as you are. Love each other so much, therefore.

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