Our Heart Is Beating Now

Our heart is beating now

Thinking about the future can lead us to forget the existence of a present, a now. It is up to us to decide whether to make our famous John Lennon phrase that says that life is what happens to you while you make other projects, or if, on the contrary, to start living in the present moment.

Making plans is right, setting goals and objectives is necessary, establishing a plan for the future is essential to grow and advance. But you cannot also forget that your heart is beating right now. You cannot neglect the today, the present moment.

Don’t think too much about tomorrow: the only certainty is today

The present is the moment in which the future is forged. The decisions made today, the experiences lived now, one day, when the future is present, will become the past. But who knows what will happen tomorrow?


Love today, live today, give thanks today, take care of yourself today. Perhaps the aftermath will be too late. Maybe tomorrow will never come. Don’t get carried away by dreams forgetting to live.

Caress the people you love

Your loved ones are always there. For this reason we often forget how important and necessary they are to us and that one day we may lose them, in any sense of the term. Don’t forget that they love you too and may lose you.

Don’t forget to caress the people you love, to tell them you love them, to devote some of your time to them with conviction, to kiss them, to remind them how important they are, to give them a sincere smile. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Speak, listen, touch, observe.


Don’t take everything too seriously

Every day we face challenges and problems, each of different importance and severity. Yet, by inertia, we allow ourselves to be absorbed by each of them in an excited attempt to have a perfect life, a life under strict control.

What is achieved in this way? Just a waste of time. If you value everything that happens to you the same, you will end up paying too little attention to what’s really important. By simplifying your life and taking some aspects less seriously, you will be able to focus on what really matters, the things that really matter.

Prioritize health

Health is a gift that we cannot fully appreciate until we lose it. Yet it is the only condition to be able to take advantage of the time we have left. Everything you do today will affect your future health. By despising your body and mind now, the bill will come to you in the future.


Live today thinking about your physical and mental health, act with respect for your body and your spirit. Be aware of the value they have for you and for those who love you. Taking care of yourself means fueling your self-esteem, feeling alive and gratified.

Be grateful for what you have today

The harsh reality is that life is too short. The good news is that doing things right will be enough. Doing things right means living in the present, feeling grateful for what you have now, enjoying it while respecting it, without wasting anything.

What you have is enough to be happy. If you are able to find your worth now, your ‘present self’ will suffice for you. There is always room for improvement, there is no doubt. But without knowing where you are now, you can’t get anywhere.

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