Physical Appearance: The Beauty Of Having A Single Body

Physical aspect: the beauty of owning a single body

Everyone defines their physical appearance starting from the image reflected in the mirror. Other factors that contribute to building a physical image of ourselves are self-concept, self-esteem, personality, life experiences and the education received. The socio-cultural context and the influence of the ideals of beauty promoted by society also make the physical appearance a very complex portrait.

There are many forms of dissatisfaction with one’s physical appearance . There are women who, despite having a body that satisfies many of the beauty standards that society promotes, have feelings of contempt towards them. Other women, on the other hand, feel punished by society because they weigh more than the models that are proposed. Sometimes this malaise is mild, but in other cases it can be so intense that it causes great suffering.

In some subjects it even leads to suffering from anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, vigorexia, etc. Women who would like to be thinner and others who suffer because they do not have an athletic body. Some would like to be less curvy and others complain about the lack of curves.

To eliminate these concepts based on a lack of self-acceptance, various associations and initiatives have been born. The goal is to prevent eating disorders, raise awareness and emancipate people who suffer from problems derived from dissatisfaction with their physical appearance.

If we want to change our physical appearance and not our world, something is wrong

The syndrome of female dissatisfaction with her own body is spreading more and more every day. 80% of women are dissatisfied with their physical appearance. This epidemic of dissatisfaction is generated, in part, by the constant pressures we are subjected to from the media. In addition, it affects what we see on the street, at work and in the family context. Comments about women and their bodies, wrinkles, lack or excess of physical fitness are a constant.

It is not strange, therefore, to worry more and more about adapting one’s image, despite it being exclusive, to an exact copy of what has been established by the world of fashion and marketing. Taking into account that the gap between the average size of women and that of the “ideal body” is always greater, it is understandable that there is an increase in general dissatisfaction with one’s image. The “acceptable” line is getting thinner and thinner. More and more women are exceeding the limit of what is more “adequate”.

We change the world instead of our physical appearance

When what is considered “normal” generates eating disorders

Regardless of our position in society, we all struggle with dissatisfaction. A dissatisfaction that we ourselves generate. Extending the concept of beauty to more than a set of predetermined physical characteristics is a responsibility. In fact, each of us can contribute to the well-being or malaise of many women. It is not uncommon that due to dissatisfaction with their physical appearance, many women let themselves go and end up suffering from eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.

Obsession with physical appearance can lead to eating disorders

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