Practice Self-love To Be Happy

Practice self-love to be happy

It is always the same story: we pay more attention to what others want, to our obligations and commitments than to our desires. And what is the result? Disenchantment. We do not live, but we survive, as a result we lose our dreams and disconnect from the world. With all our “must do” we bar the access to our interiority.

When someone doesn’t take care of themselves for a long time, they end up waking up one day and thinking their life has nothing to do with what they wanted. Being content with dedicating ourselves to what comes up and what others ask for can play a bad joke: taking us to a place where we feel like strangers.

The pitfalls of being satisfied

Many of us are good examples of this serious self-neglect that is invading our society. It is a progressive change that damages us, but that in most cases we know how to hide from the eyes of others and from ours, thanks to the ability to be satisfied.


The creativity of childhood and the passion that stimulates us during adolescence are lost in oblivion, their light that made us shine in the past moments goes out. It is enough to look around and observe how people dedicate themselves to jobs they do not like, they are satisfied with certain relationships and throw their dreams in the bin because, to be realized, they seem to need a flight so high as to seem utopian.

Hope disappears, because we are satisfied and, thus, our growth stops. The comfort zone is too pleasant to go out and endure fears, frustrations and uncertainties. So we opt for plan B: simplicity, we accept “what passes the convent”, which makes us lose the helm of our ship.

Being convinced of the fact that it is better to indulge what is happening outside rather than listening to the needs of our interiority does nothing but magnify oblivion and generate dependence on the acceptance of others.

You are not selfish, you are just taking care of yourself

Sometimes it is good to have an “emotional check-up” to find out how we are. Asking ourselves how we feel about our life, our work, our relationships and what we do will give us clues about our well-being.

If we notice that our feelings are full of disappointment and disenchantment, we are probably living our life as if we were secondary actors. The problem is that, even though we know we should spend more time on ourselves, there is one question that bothers and freezes us: would we be selfish if we did?


Are we selfish when we go out looking for what we need and what makes us feel good? Let me tell you NO: you are just taking care of yourself. The only love that lasts forever is self-love, so if you don’t take care of keeping it alive, who will ever? It is not convenient to be satisfied with the balances. ..

No one is selfish because he wakes up and says “no” or “that’s enough”, because he reserves a few moments for himself and because he is not 100% available to the requests of others. There is nothing wrong with having decided to stop being the ones who are always there for everyone, but never for yourself. Better late than never.

Don’t forget to invest in yourself

Perhaps you have become a true expert on the wishes of your parents, your partner or your friends; the problem is that you hardly ever stop to think about what you want. But knowing this is just as vital as breathing, as this affects your self-esteem and emotional well-being.

The best solution in this regard is to invest in self-love. You have to ignite the flame of love for yourself. To do this, follow these guidelines:

  • Consider yourself good people. Your worth goes beyond your mistakes and failures. It is not your achievements that represent you, but your ability to start over. Love for yourself is very important.
  • Stop pleasing others to feel good. Pleasing can exhaust you and destroy you permanently. No one is selfish because he says what he thinks, as long as he does it with respect and within certain healthy limits to protect himself.
  • Establish your priorities. To invest in you, you need to know your priorities: what or who you want to dedicate more or less time to to continue building your dreams.
  • Enjoy the moments for you. A day off or that long-awaited weekend. Make the most of the time dedicated to yourself, outside of your commitments. You are the protagonists of your life, not secondary actors.

If you have been a person for a long time disconnected from their essence, I warn you that starting again to listen deeply to your inner dialogue is a time-consuming task. Think of all the walls you have erected, all the times you have ignored yourselves; being able to listen to this language again is not a skill that hones quickly. However, if you are patient, you will succeed, and what you recover will be important, both for you and for those around you.

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