Psychotropic Drugs Or Psychological Therapy? Find Out What’s Best!

Psychoactive drugs or psychological therapy?  Find out what's best!

What are the general steps to follow when we go to the doctor because we are emotionally ill? Usually he either prescribes psychiatric drugs or sends you to a psychiatrist. But not to the psychologist, even if you ask yourself… Are the pills perhaps more effective than psychological therapy?

The easiest solution is used, just take a pill and the problems disappear… However, the reality is quite different. Problems return when you stop taking these medicines… Or will you take them for life? So what would be the best solution? Read on and find out why treatment with a cognitive-behavioral psychologist is better or why, in any case, therapy can be the best complement to a first drug treatment.

Problems with psychiatric drugs

The purpose of this article is not to put an end to the use of psychiatric drugs forever. The reality is that in some cases they are necessary and it is correct to take them. The point is that there is an exaggerated tendency to prescribe them, as mentioned above.

The side effects of this type of medicine are known by health professionals, both short and medium and long range ones. However, this is not the only problem: psychotropic drugs  have a dubious efficacy in the treatment of some psychological disorders and are prescribed only because in the short term they are the cheapest solution for a health system that is saturated to the point of collapse due to the lack of professionals.

Furthermore, their long-term economic cost is very high, since they relieve many symptoms but, at the same time, by not acting on the cause, they make many ailments chronic. As you can see, they have few pros and many cons. So why are they used so much? On the one hand, there are the economic interests of the pharmaceutical industry. On the other hand, it is the patients themselves who want to get rid of their discomfort with a simple tablet, so that it does not require any effort on their part.

Why is cognitive-behavioral psychological therapy better?

So why is it bad to want to solve the problem quickly and “painlessly”? Because it doesn’t really solve the problem you are suffering from. We explain ourselves better. Psychiatric drugs will help you reduce anxiety or improve your mood the moment you take them, at best.

And then? What will happen when you stop taking the pills? Surely that emotional malaise will re-emerge. Because? Because you have not been able to acquire strategies to manage it without using a tablet. The first thing to clarify is that in life we ​​will face situations in which it is normal to feel bad but, if we do not learn to control those negative emotions, they could lose their passing nature and become stable in our lives.

The problem is right there. Medicines can ease your depression or anxiety problems, but it is only through effective psychological therapy that you will gain the tools to control these negative emotions on your own. Tools that you can continue to use even after you have completed the therapy.

What are the benefits of psychological therapy over psychotropic drugs?

Aside from providing you with lifelong emotional management strategies, therapy has neither the health risks nor the negative side effects of psychiatric drugs. Furthermore, it is a more affordable alternative in economic terms. But not only that: it has more advantages.

For example, the response to psychological treatment is greater than to drug treatment. The recovery rate is higher and the risk of relapse considerably decreases. This in turn ensures that the disorders do not become chronic.

Now think about one thing: is the easy way more valuable or the one that requires effort on our part? Definitely the second. When what we get is the direct product of our work, we feel better. Emotions such as happiness appear and we feel fulfilled. In this way, with psychological therapy we will not only get the tools to manage our negative emotions, but we will also be able to strengthen their positive affection and our self-esteem.

For this reason, cognitive-behavioral therapy is recommended as the best treatment in most psychological disorders. Medicines are necessary in the most serious cases, but always accompanied by psychological treatment. Hence, it is better to resort to the suitable psychologist.

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