Put What Really Matters First

Put what really matters first

Each new day represents a new opportunity for inner growth, an opportunity to learn and to feel better about yourself. Prioritizing helps you understand what really matters in your life.

The truth is, not all days are the same. There will probably be days that are more productive than others, when you feel better, more active and energetic, but there will also come times that, once night falls, will bring with them a sense of frustration for not being able to do everything you had. planned, because something blocked  us and did not allow us to advance.

This happens when you are unable to establish a clear order of importance of the things to do. By putting the things that lead to real growth first, the feeling of being on the right path comes by itself. To know what are the things to prioritize, you need to look within yourself and identify what really matters to you.

Even if you have not yet set yourself a precise goal, it is  clear that each of us, to move forward, must be able to order the components of his life according to their importance, so as to be productive in work and personal life, and to be fully himself.


Focus on the things you love to do

Always putting work or another aspect of life that doesn’t really satisfy you first is not a good idea. Physical and emotional health, in fact, could be severely damaged in the long run. Always try to carve out a moment for yourself and for the activities you love to do, even if they are trivial things like reading in your favorite chair or doing ten minutes a day of meditation … the important thing is to find time for yourself.

There are people who are so busy with their work that they are unable to break away from it even at the end of the day, forgetting about themselves. Even if you enjoy your job, it is important to find activities outside of it that make you happy, and that you can sometimes put in front of the job itself.

Think about what’s really important to you

Spending your life completely absorbed in activities that in themselves have no value and that follow one after the other, could lead you to forget what really matters. Slowly an imbalance will be generated in you that will be difficult for you to remedy later on.

Helping others usually makes us feel better, but let’s not forget that we also need a fair amount of attention. A need that, even if in principle it could go unnoticed due to too much stress, will eventually make us explode if it remains unsatisfied.

Make a list of the things you enjoy doing

Usually, when we make a list to establish our priorities, we tend to write first the word “work” or another activity that we know we need to do even if we don’t like it. This is a serious mistake: when making a list of priorities, it is first of all essential to think about what makes us feel really good.

Try to write a list with the activities that you have not yet tried, with the places you would like to visit, write down the ways in which you would really like to spend your time. There is no doubt that we all have to work to be able to survive in this society, but for it to become a priority, the work will have to really thrill you.


Put yourself first on the priority list

We are lucky enough to be able to choose and our life can be as we want it. It is up to us to choose happiness, but to find it we will have to become one with our reality. It is very easy, just think of how fast time passes when you do something for pleasure, when you feel so good that you emotionally join an activity.

The fundamental aspect to give order to your life is to place yourself first, and then think very carefully about what really matters to yourself. Do you live in harmony with your values ​​and goals from the time you wake up in the morning to when you go to bed in the evening?

Don’t make the mistake of prioritizing past problems or people who irritate you, instead focus on the life you want and dedicate yourself to it. If you do not have a clear idea of ​​what to do with your life, you will come back every night frustrated after work, distracted by what others are doing, even complaining that you did not set your priorities in time.

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