Quotes By Jorge Bucay About Life

Quotes by Jorge Bucay about life

Jorge Bucay’s quotes present us with a new, sensitive and thoughtful approach. This Argentine writer and psychotherapist is one of the most widely read nowadays, occupying an undeniable place in contemporary culture.

A graduate of the medical school of the University of Buenos Aires, he then specialized in mental illness and soon became a prominent Gestalt school therapist. Since the 1980s he has made a name for himself as a writer and many of his works have been very successful. That’s why today we present some quotes from Jorge Bucay .

In the words of Jorge Bucay there is a very human and profound approach.  They are a reminder to believe in yourself and to take responsibility for your own destiny. His statements are an invitation to reflection. Below we leave you 10 interesting quotes from this author.

10 quotes from Jorge Bucay


Many quotes from Jorge Bucay deal with the issue of individual responsibility. It reminds us that we must face the consequences of actions. In other words, we must not blame something external for our mistakes or our losses: “ I allow myself to take risks that I decide to take, with the condition that I pay the prices of those risks myself ”.

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No one can know for you, or grow, seek, or do what you should be doing. Its existence does not admit substitutes “. It is another of Jorge Bucay’s phrases that invites us to take responsibility for our lives.

Overcoming suffering

Suffering is a recurring theme in many thinkers and, obviously, it could not be missing in the sentences of Jorge Bucay. One of them states: “We are who we are thanks to what we have lost and how we have reacted to those losses.” It is very interesting to give loss and the way in which it is dealt with a central place in who we are.

It also talks about the power of patience to strengthen us and better respond to unforeseen events in life. ” When you are patient in a day of anger, you can easily escape a hundred sad days. “

Jorge Bucay believes that people have the power to make their lives a space of fulfillment and overcoming suffering. One of his phrases gives us the solution, full of common sense, to escape from problems: ” When you are in a dead end, go out from where you entered “.

Know each other and be true to yourself

Another common theme in Jorge Bucay’s sentences is self-knowledge. He makes it clear with his declaration: “We reach the maximum growth phase when we become a connoisseur of oneself, of the worst and of the best of oneself”.

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Along with self-knowledge, it also promotes free will and radical independence from the environment. It says it clearly: “I allow myself to look for what I think I need from the world, and I don’t expect anyone to give me permission to get it.”

The ego and consumption

Bucay, in his novels, always refers to culture and what he calls his “route maps”. He is critical on some aspects, especially on consumerism. ” The consumer culture has created as a consequence an attitude of rivalry and comparison that educates us to compare ourselves with others “.

Likewise, it questions the enormous exacerbation of the ego in contemporary Western culture. In this regard he stated the following: ” In circumstances where we cannot get rid of the ego even for a moment, the image we have of ourselves will become a prison “. A nice way to say that the exalted ego doesn’t reaffirm us, it traps us.

The real change

For Jorge Bucay, change is primarily a transformation in the way we see ourselves. He argues that human actions must be aimed at obtaining a progressive reaffirmation of oneself, not a change towards a “must be”.

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“You can only change a thing when you stop fighting it.” It is a way of saying that transformations must be allowed to flow, because they will always tend to reaffirm being.

Jorge Bucay’s lyrics are simple and written in colloquial terms, a feature that has exposed him to criticism from many purists. However, he is one of the most widely read contemporary authors, and from this it can be deduced that he is also one of the most accepted by the public.

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