Quotes From Anaïs Nin On Life And Love

The quotes from Anaïs Nin show us the soul of an honest and profound writer able to live, in her texts and in life, according to her own criteria and rejecting those imposed by society.
Quotes from Anaïs Nin about life and love

Quotes from Anaïs Nin strike the freshness and honesty. Some phrases of the writer are taken from her Diaries, which she wrote all her life since she was 11 and which total 35,000 pages.

Anaïs Nin’s notoriety also derives from the correspondence she exchanged with Henry Miller, from the age of 27 until her death. The couple has become one of the most emblematic of the literary world.

The writer, born in France but naturalized in the US, was the first to publish erotic stories in America, and was considered by many to be immoral. His direct and uninhibited style caused scandal at the time, but what is most striking about his work is not the erotic aspect, but his reflection on the human being. Without too many preambles, we invite you to discover some of the most beautiful phrases of Anaïs Nin.

7 wonderful quotes from Anaïs Nin

1. Life is measured in courage

One of Anaïs Nin’s most inspiring phrases says “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to our courage, or vice versa to our fear”. With his words he attributes to courage a fundamental value for life, if not the most important.

And he was right. Fear has the ability to relegate us to a dark corner, limiting our ideas or experiences. Courage, on the other hand, is the force that pushes us to cross borders and expand our reality.

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2. Subjective view of life

Anaïs Nin reminds us of the subjective vision of life: “We do not see things as they are; we see them as we are “. In other words, reality is a personal construct.

Every human being “filters” reality starting from their desires, their fears, their history and, ultimately, who they are. What one person calls “real” is not necessarily the same as what another thinks as real. Subjectivity determines the way we see things.

3. One of Anaïs Nin’s quotes on love

There are many phrases by Anaïs Nin dedicated to love. This is an example: “We cannot save people. We can only love them “. He thus shows us a realistic perspective that is opposed to a romantic point of view on love.

According to romance, love is the answer and salvation. In reality, each of us must face our own destiny, derived from internal and external factors, alone. Nothing and nobody can help us in this. True love simply loves.

4. The world that each of us builds

Many people face life thinking that it is others or the world itself that must change to make reality more tolerable. In fact, we are the only ones who have the power to make existence more enjoyable.

This idea is expressed by the following quote: “When you make a world tolerable for yourself, you create a world that is tolerable for others”. Everyone’s job is to create a better world for themselves. This will be enough to improve everyone’s world.

5. Natural death in love

Another profound quote from Anaïs Nin about love: Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we do not know how to supply its source ”. The most interesting aspect of this sentence is the reference to the source.

Love does not come out of nowhere, it is rather the result of the combination of various factors and reasons. Its essence also resides in this origin of love: if we don’t want it to die, our aim is to return to its essence, time by time.

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6. What is shame?

Anaïs Nin says that “Embarrassment is the lie you tell when you talk about yourself”. With this profound and acute affirmation he reveals the too often hidden sense of shame. First he defines it as a lie, then he attributes it to the evil tongues of others.

Embarrassment exists to the extent that someone else’s finger is ready to point. It is the tendency of others to point out and make us feel unworthy, to push us to hide from shame. This is precisely where this feeling arises: from the credit we give to the partial view that others have of us.

7. Quotes from Anaïs Nin: fear of death

Death is a recurring theme in literature. Anaïs Nin also reflected on it and its implications. This is how he produced this simple and effective statement: “People who live intensely are not afraid of death.” 

The fear of death arises to a large extent from the confrontation with the possibility of not being, of dissolving into nothingness. This fear becomes greater when you are aware that you have not explored all the possibilities of life. What is frightening is the awareness of no longer being able to be what one has not been.

These quotes from Anaïs Nin are just a taste of her immense work as a writer against all taboos and prejudices. A courageous woman who challenged the criteria imposed by society and who made love a universal and human feeling, devoid of any barrier.

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