Respond To Those Who Try To Discourage

Most of those who try to discourage do so because they have low self-esteem. Also, he feels uncomfortable when he feels that things are better for others than for them.
Respond to those who try to discourage

To respond to those who try to discourage, first of all you need to stay calm. Secondly, it is important and essential not to attach too much importance to the words of others. However, it’s not always easy to be completely impervious to other people’s comments.

People can suddenly display bewildering attitudes and behaviors to stifle hopes and chain each other’s dreams. The most complex aspect is that, on average, these dynamics are adopted by the most loved ones. 

Has this ever happened to you? Sometimes one of your best friends tells you that you are wasting your time, that the best thing to do is to stop studying and focus on something more doable. Perhaps one of your parents will tell you that the partner you have does not deserve you and that you should look for “someone better”.

There are many people who are capable of harming us knowingly or unknowingly and this is something we must learn to deal with.

Couple arguing.

Here’s how to respond to those trying to discourage

The person who tries to discourage hides a specific personality. No one with adequate psychological maturity, empathy and good social skills tries, under any circumstances, to undermine the mood of others. They can give their constructive (and respectful) opinion, but will rarely try to dampen the other person’s motivation and hopes.

Also, if we respect a person we will never try to dampen his spirit. Experts such as Dr. Leonidas Hatzithoma of the University of Thessaloniki (Greece) have indicated in a research that in these dynamics what is actually sought is to humiliate. Therefore, when responding to someone who tries to discourage you, it is important to understand what is behind that figure.

In general, they are personalities who try to impose their opinion and in turn show their superiority by trying to undermine our desires. For what? They try to slow down our progress and our happiness.

They discourage us to put ourselves on their level, so that we can be happy, but no more than them, be successful, but only “the right”. What can we do in these situations?

They do not try to discourage, they actually despise the projects of others: do not pay attention

“Better look for another destination; that hobby you have now is useless, focus on something more practical; why you want to adopt another pet, if it only gives you problems and annoyances; do not be under any illusions with that person, he will surely disappoint you at the first sign of disappointment “.

We could give a thousand examples of expressions used by people skilled in the art of discouraging others. However, it must be considered that those who discourage despise what you do, what you like and what defines you. There is nothing constructive or useful about someone whose purpose is to discourage you in something.

We all have the right to find our own way and to make mistakes. We will listen to the advice of others, but the final decision will always be ours. Therefore, anyone who tries to demoralize you, therefore to prevent you from progressing on the journey of life, does not deserve your attention. Do not value words that are not useful to you.

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Why do they boycott my aspirations? Have their true intentions argued

To answer someone trying to discourage you, it can be helpful to have a small battery of prepared questions. We say this for the obvious. It is not always easy to turn away from those who insist on dampening our spirits.

There are those who insist on imposing their ashy ideas on us, weakening us with their depressing comments to undermine any hint of motivation.

We would like to be completely immune to these bad practices, but that’s not always possible. In this situation it is necessary to act, but we will do it by keeping calm and refining our insight:

  • Respect theirs and take them into account, but ask them to explain why they try to discourage us.
  • Accept the suggestions, but say that their words are not helpful and have a negative effect. Finally, ask to review their way of communicating.

Responding to those trying to discourage: when actions speak louder than words

Behind those who want to slow your drive to excel on the journey of life is frustration. These are people who don’t understand the art of respect and who also have low self-esteem. In fact, there are many people who, not loving themselves, expect others to be at the same level of lack, emptiness and unhappiness.

Thus, the best way to respond to those trying to discourage is to show their worth. Sometimes actions speak louder than words, and nothing is more comforting than showing how you achieve what you want, how there are no limits for you.

Sometimes, doing the exact opposite is the most cathartic and revolutionary choice. Do not give courage to those who bring you the darkness when what you want is to shine.

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