She Forgot To Put Her Cape On, But She’s Still A Superhero

She forgot to put her cape on, but she's still a superhero

I will tell you a story of overcoming and admiration, because not everyone knows how to get back up when you fall or go forward when you don’t know that among the aridity that surrounds you it is possible to see a mirage. She is a superhero, even if she sometimes forgets about it.

His smile is not just any smile. It comes from its history, the light of a past. Despite her young age, she experienced sadness and despair in an intimate way. Fortunately, however, today she can talk about this meeting and explain the reasons why she decided to abandon suffering as a life partner… despite the various temptations.

Not everyone will be lucky enough to know her, as she often hides silently. When he laughs, he does it with desire and because he really feels it; not everyone understands this way of expressing what he wants or loves, because only those who are lucky enough to be able to see through his bubble can know what resides inside.

There is still a lot to do. It explodes little by little, but does not want its sparks to touch the others; which is why it sometimes creates a protective shield. She also feels fear, so she is brave.

She became a superhero because she used her feelings to help others and also because she learned to give words and emotions to everything around her. Learning and teaching was his personal decision.

To move on

Many super heroes fight against others, but in this story the struggle is to move forward: to know how to use what is on the outside to build strength inside. It is a force that prevents bowing to people’s false prejudices, sometimes created so well that they seem true and give weight to freedom.

Always go forward: if you reach the limit, it is not the end. There is always a reason to continue and to go back. She is a superhero because she has shown strength and courage, her desire and her struggle; now she is able to do everything, now she is sure of it.

I admire her because she was able to support others without harming them and because she was able to break the barrier that separated her from the rest of the world. I respect her because she wakes up every day and keeps smiling, that smile so full of history and strength. I appreciate her because she cares about others with the same intensity with which she cares about herself. By doing so, she doesn’t make a difference between her and the people around her.

The end is about to be written

Knowing how to ask for help is itself a super power, as sometimes you are unable to solve problems without outside help. By ordering your skills, you are able to deal with everything you go against. I’m sure you’ve learned how to do it very well.

My superhero has a small but highly valued army. She is a treasure and whenever she loses her strength, she will always have someone ready to help her. Just like runners who have water on hand, when she gets tired, her army will give her the strength to keep going. So even in the darkest moments, when you don’t remember having super powers, you have to remember who you are and what you are able to do.

The end is not written, but we write it. We stop living when there is no desire to fight, when the temptation to throw in the towel is greater than ourselves, tired of keeping everything inside for a long time.

This superhero has forgotten that she has a cape and that she has to make it herself. It wasn’t easy, but she built a history of overcoming and today she shows herself proud to the world. Few actions provoke a sense of pride like the one that comes from advancing towards a goal when the wind blows against you; few fires have such power to value the spirit.

Your army protects you and, step by step, you make the most of it. Thank you for opening your bubble and now try to give what you have to those who need it. Because thanks to what you do, now the most beautiful colors of the rainbow shine in the sky.

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