Simplicity Makes Us Great

Simplicity makes us great

Everything we are is there, present, because simplicity doesn’t need to be noticed to be special. When we talk about a person or a simple behavior, in fact, we are referring to someone who is true to their essence and who does not try to show themselves different.

Before going on, we must specify that, in this case, the term “simple” is not synonymous with a banal or flat personality, but rather means truth and naturalness. This means that a person who keeps the quality of simplicity has a transparent and pure behavior.

Hiding behind your skin is never the right decision

As we explained earlier, simplicity makes us great because it shows who we are without the need for masks and this is the most effective way of reflecting what, unconsciously, we hide under the skin. Despite this, we often ignore that simplicity and complicate the whole process that leads others to know us.


Have you ever wanted to hide a characteristic of your personality for fear that others would discover it? Why do we behave this way if, deep down, we know that it is naturalness that strengthens relationships? This is likely to happen because we believe that emotionally undressing makes us vulnerable.

Despite this, nothing is further from reality. Being transparent does not make us weak or fragile, even if from the outside it may seem so. Presenting ourselves with humility and sincerity helps us to eliminate the secondary aspects that numb our contacts.

Accepting our beliefs as strengths will also help us gain confidence and self-esteem. For this reason, we can say that hiding or masking is a poisoned gift for oneself.

When we complicate things

On the other hand, it is not just a matter of showing oneself without adornments or lies, but also of acting without complicating things when there is no need. We know that the energies we have available are limited and, despite this, we do everything to waste them. It is as if we have an incorrigible tendency to complicate things, because we are twice as difficult, instead of acting with simplicity and spontaneity.

Of course we don’t do it on purpose, but we do it anyway. We waste time and try harder than necessary in certain everyday situations which, after all, require nothing more than a little naturalness. For what reason? Probably, the answer to this question is the idea that our society has that everything that has value involves a great sacrifice.

Some think that the richest fruits are reaped only after a long path full of obstacles. Despite this, in reality, it doesn’t have to be this way. In some cases, for example, the exit from the labyrinth which, in theory, should be hidden from our eyes, is actually closer than it seems.

At this point, it is important to remember that it is true that, in life, there are complicated moments and it is necessary to fight to get out of them, but it is also true that not all good things come in difficult ways. Simply put, it is not necessary to suffer to be happy, although, with a little effort, we sometimes have to overcome difficult circumstances.

To find simplicity, you have to close your eyes and open your heart

We have introduced this article with the same idea we want to end it with: it is better to choose the path of simplicity, both in terms of personality and in the way we deal with many difficult situations.


To do this, you just need to close your eyes every now and then and open your heart. The Little Prince said it and Murakami says it too: we have to look beyond the surface which, very often, confuses us. Forget about appearances and get to people’s hearts.

Succeeding will help us understand that our life is much less heavy than it seems and that the people who want to share it with us will not leave. Authentic people find and come together and are able to explore what goes beyond reality, a world of affection and honesty through which they can deal with all situations that seem too complicated.

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