Social Networks Can End Your Relationship

Social networks can end your relationship as a couple

It seems that social networks have not only become a tool for contact, but also for distancing and breaking up in couple relationships.

Is it possible that social networks have become “weapons of mass destruction” for couple relationships? Apparently, and without exaggerating, several studies show that there are millions of divorces caused by the new media.

Let’s not forget that through social networks human beings relate, but in doing so they expose a large slice of their life to the public. Facebook posts or Twitter tweets have become real showcases for millions of people.

Furthermore, as already mentioned, the impact that social networks have on the creation of new relationships is surprising. In Italy alone there are over 25 million Facebook users, almost half of the entire population. This figure is frightening if we think that worldwide the number of users exceeds 1,500 million. It is evident that these tools have an incredible power over our lives, to the point that they have become indispensable for many.

Divorces caused by social networks

There are many studies carried out on the analysis of the impact that social networks have on our lives. Let’s take a look at one made by a prestigious North American psychology journal.

According to recently collected data, Facebook alone was able to generate 28 million divorces worldwide. It may seem exaggerated, but for some years now the North American marriage lawyers association has confirmed this figure, adding that this social network is at the basis of 20% of the separations that take place in the United States.

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In this case we focused on Facebook, the most important social network in the world today. However, we must not forget the existence of many others, such as Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest … and yet it is precisely on the noticeboard of the platform born from an idea by Mark zuckerberg that we feel most at home, sometimes even going so far as to put an end to our relationships with a click.

Why do social networks cause divorces?

Rest assured because  if your relationship is stable and your attitude towards social networks is sensible, nothing will happen. The data we are revealing to you must not generate alarmism. Yet, it must be taken into account that there are aspects that can cause this situation.

Returning to the numbers, we tell you about a study on the use of social networks as a “tool to find temporary or lasting couple relationships”. According to a prestigious magazine, 85% of men and 80% of women surveyed use these tools to find a partner.


It is evident that those couples who have reached a dead end in their relationship, where there is no affection towards the partner or are no longer happy for some reason, find in social networks a new way to meet people and establish friendships that can then lead to something more. But the reasons are also other:

  • Continued exposure to other people’s information shows users that they don’t have to be fossilized in a relationship that doesn’t make them happy. Social networks show a large number of attractive, suggestive and compatible profiles. They are a window to a world full of stimuli.
  • According to several studies on couple relationships nowadays, tolerance towards problems has decreased. Today, in the information society, it is very easy to find quick alternative solutions rather than waiting for a feeling towards a person to mature.
  • Insecurity is one of the greatest dangers to the stability of the couple. The excess of control over the other person is guaranteed by the fact that one can control the publications on the net, the moments in which he connected, his photos and relationships … This generates a feeling of mistrust and fear that risks corroding the couple communication and mutual respect.
  • Constant exposure can be one of the reasons. Even if you are in a relationship, many like-minded people can still contact you on social networks, looking for an adventure or a date. Most of them can be persuasive, and you will need to be strong to avoid falling into situations that can prove dangerous.

It is evident how social networks have changed the way we see the world. Couple relationships are not excluded. They are a reality that, if not treated with common sense and intelligence, can generate insecurity, fear or sadness. Hold on to the person next to you, and remember that social networks should remain just entertainment, not a way of life.

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