Solutions To Stop Postponing

Solutions to stop postponing

Procrastination is the habit of postponing activities that must be completed, temporarily substituting them for others that are more pleasant or less important. This postponement becomes a great obstacle to achieving our goals, as we do not put into practice the measures to succeed.

After all, it is an aggression towards our dreams and towards ourselves. This is how anguish and guilt come into play and at the same time we lose confidence in ourselves, believing less and less in our possibilities. What we propose today is to share with you some solutions to stop postponing.

It is curious that, according to the observation of numerous cases, the activities that are most frequently postponed are those that are desired to be carried out. Tasks related to other people’s orders, on the other hand, are those least affected by procrastination.

What leads us to postpone all the time?

Excessive self-criticism is what causes the most problems. Self-discrediting and saying that we are unable to perform certain duties leads us to feel inferior. In some cases, depending on the severity, it can even lead to depression. When we send each other such messages, we focus on what other people think. This is why for a radical change we need to focus energy on our active participation in every situation, so that we can also learn through experience.

The other frustrating element that normally accompanies excessive self-criticism is goal-setting. When we imagine that what we desire is incredibly perfect, we must understand that, and time will give us the opportunity, even if results are obtained, things are never perfect.

Postponing for fear of making a mistake only adds to this fear. This is how, not wanting to fall into error, we tell ourselves that later the conditions for acting correctly will be better; in reality, the time to work in the best way is decreasing.

Among the various reasons that lead us to postpone, we also underline the difficulty in concentrating, often induced by the characteristics of the environment in which we are carrying out a task.

Solutions to stop postponing

  • Understanding that you can go on and learn, despite the accidents along the way.
  • Differentiate the urgent things from the important ones. What is important to us? Seeing it in writing is more useful than it seems. Urgent situations often need immediate attention, but sometimes we label matters as “urgent” that aren’t really.
  • Divide the tasks. Carrying out tasks by moving forward in parts is a great move if we need to be more active, but without overloading ourselves, especially if it is a large project in the medium or long term. Let us convince ourselves to start today with one of the parties: in addition to making us progress with the work, it shows us that we are going in the right direction towards what we want to achieve.
  • Reward yourself by doing something pleasant as soon as you finish the activity. Listening to music, going for a walk, etc. they are ways of associating the new attitude towards work with something pleasant, thus increasing the chances of deciding to do it again.
  • Change your surroundings. What changes in the environment would favor the business? For example, working at a tidy desk can give us a greater sense of control and peace of mind.
  • Focus on the benefits of doing now what was normally postponed.

These solutions to stop postponing are a schematic guide to better reflect and act in our routine. However, let us remember that we are the protagonists of our lives and that we can decide to put a stop to procrastination.

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