Some People Believe That The World Revolves Around Them

Some people believe the world revolves around them

It seems that some people do not know that the earth revolves around the sun and not around them. They do not understand that life does not go on for them, that they are not the center of the world or the people around them. They proclaim themselves infallible, generating, with their behavior, a great rejection on the part of society.

As a result, they maintain self-centered behaviors and fill us with messages and attitudes that loudly require our attention. They are cries so deafening that they nag and tire us easily.

Arguing with a self-centered person can be devastating in many ways. Let’s analyze some of them together …


Egocentrism: the excessive cult of the ego

Considering oneself the center of the world and believing oneself more important than others hinders the correct evolution of one’s social relations. Nobody likes it when others try to impose their opinions, thoughts or interests. It is the people who use reason and criterion, those who do not believe themselves superior to anyone who manage to achieve a balance aimed at guaranteeing the common good.

Arrogance obscures the fact that the welfare of others is as indispensable as one’s own. They, the self-centered people, are convinced that they are special; indeed, at times they manage to enchant us with their personalities.

But when things do not go as they would like, then they turn into monsters, despots willing to do anything to win it, even when this involves taking advantage of others and manipulating the people around them.

narcissus-loving each other

Sometimes they hide behind the typical phrase “I have a very strong character”, or its variant “I have no flaws, we just don’t fit together”. Surely you will think of people who have behaved this way with you.

They proclaim themselves, believing themselves to be special and infallible, superior to others. This attitude will undoubtedly lead them to have problems making friendships and maintaining them. In fact, it does no good for anyone to have people who can think only of themselves.

Self-centered people don’t really love each other. Their eagerness to proclaim self-love is only a way of distorting the truth, that is, the low conception they really have of themselves. This is why they feel the need to always be flattered and admired.


I was walking with my father when he stopped in a curve and after a short silence he asked me:

-In addition to the singing of the birds, do you hear anything else?

I listened and a few seconds later I replied:

-I hear the sound of a cart.

-It is just that -said my father- is an empty cart.

I asked my father:

-How do you know it’s an empty cart even if we don’t see it?

Then my father replied:

– It is very easy to know when a cart is empty, due to the noise. The more empty it is, the louder it makes.

I became an adult and today when I hear a person who talks too much, who interrupts the conversation of others, who is inappropriate or violent, who gives himself air for what he has, who is bullying and underestimates people, I have the impression of hearing the voice of my father who says:

-The more empty the cart, the greater the noise it makes.

Humility consists in keeping silent about our virtues and allowing others to discover them. And remember that there are people so poor that the only thing they have is money. No one is as empty as he who is full of himself.


Types of self-centeredness: when the cart is empty

From history and popular culture it is possible to trace various categories of people who praise each other in excess:

  • The stars: they are those people who seek admiration and contemplation.
  • Nero: are the people whose desire is to dominate and subdue; in other words, they emphasize their power with the maxim “never trust anyone”.
  • Cinderella: are the victimized people who make their “continuous suffering” a weapon to get the attention of others.
  • Solitary or tortoise: the one who makes his world a place of reproaches and criticisms, convinced that he is the best that can happen to anyone.

But the types of self-centeredness are numerous, as many as those who sin. We have all behaved or will behave like this sometime in life. It is essential to first become aware of selfish attitudes, and then put them aside. They seriously harm both others and ourselves.

The most important thing is not to give credit and attention to narcissistic attitudes, otherwise it will help to feed the conviction of people who believe themselves to be the center of the world. As we all know, the center of the universe does not belong to anyone.

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