Some Will Love You For Who You Are, Others Will Hate You For The Same Reason

Some will love you for who you are, others will hate you for the same reason

Many people will love you for who you are and what you do, others will hate you for the same reason. You need to get used to this idea as it forms the dynamic of many of your relationships, especially when things are going well for you.

You cannot please everyone, just as you cannot like everyone. You must know that, often, what annoys others is the light you emanate.

In other words, what makes you great also scares some people, who are probably struggling inside with a hidden feeling, which they believe has been denied them.

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Whoever loves you makes you shine

The true guardian angels are those people who, in certain moments of our life, appear and give us light, making us shine and eliminating the shadows that darken us or that do not do justice to our virtues.

In this case, the words are not worth it, but the deeds. These individuals surround us with magic and fill our reality with wonders, showing us how much we are worth even when we believe that the switch that illuminated us has definitely gone off.

Everyone, from the first to the last, has a light bulb, something that moves us and makes us special, something that makes us capable of offering the world a particularity. There are those who are very good at their work, those who are able to love beyond measure and those who are skilled in multiple disciplines.

But, as we said before, there is also wanting to turn off your light, that special something that defines you. You may be struggling with this attitude, but you must remember that only you have the power to value the intentions of others towards you.

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The devil of envy

Envy is not 100% unhealthy: if it does not involve harmful actions for others (or for us), then it leads us to what we would like to have; that is, it puts us on the trail of the path we would like to take.

Nonetheless, envy becomes completely harmful when we succumb to its suggestion, undermining our self-esteem and our self-love. This predisposes us to make unfavorable comparisons and, at times, envy turns into a dark and gloomy attack that wants to imprison our hidden object of desire.

In other words, envy itself happens to mix with other feelings such as hatred, returning the image of its frustrations to the person suffering from it. Because of this image, envy will condemn the talent and successes of others, practicing behaviors that aim to put the other in difficulty.

We tend to pay more attention to the reason that triggers envy in the envious than to the effects it has on the envied. We cannot forget that the fact that someone envies us (and hates us for our light) involves a great suffering that distances us from reality and produces in us mistrust.

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It is no coincidence that valuable people find themselves alone in a world full of people. And it is not uncommon that one cannot distinguish between true friends, interested ones and envious ones.

All this even leads us to doubt that our success or our light belongs to us, making us believe that it is a reflection that we do not deserve. And here is a long chain of insecurities and burdens that can end up totally overshadowing our virtues.

The harm that comes from being envied can be overcome if we reinforce positive beliefs about ourselves. We must remember that some episodes or circumstances will always provoke comparisons, but this should not make us feel small and / or useless.

Everyone must savor their own qualities without destroying those of others, putting aside unhealthy envy and promoting their ability to admire others and grow with them, truly uplifting elements.

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