Sometimes Staying Means Going Too Far

Sometimes staying is going too far

There are moments when we wish to stay, moments when we would give anything to have only one reason for doing so, but we are left with no choice but to take flight.

Saying goodbye is difficult. Thinking of reaching a point of no return anguishes us, so we tire of goodbye, of ellipsis where we should put a period and say goodbye, even if it is painful for our soul.

Let’s say it’s a matter of emotional health. Somehow, if we want everything to continue as it always does, we have to make everything change. And saying goodbye makes the soul thunder, but it is the only way to close the door to pain, illusion and disillusion.

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Sometimes in life you have to choose, other times it is life that chooses for us

When the snake sheds its skin, it decides to pass between two nearby stones that will squeeze it, rub it and help it to remove the old skin. This passage causes him pain, but it helps him to get rid of what is old, to make room for what is new. 

It is the end of one process and the beginning of another. And during this process one suffers. If we refuse to go through it, the anguish will increase, because we do not get rid of what no longer brings us anything, of what we do not need, nor do we give space to what is to come.

It is curious how to undress when it’s freezing outside.  We don’t give ourselves a chance to know anything other than hot fire or cold. The point is, we know what we need to do long before we make a decision, even before we start thinking about it.

It is normal to resist letting go,  but it is clear that when we find the strength to say goodbye, we begin to build healthy and positive relationships, not to perceive that emotional emptiness that devours us inside and to truly value the people who deserve to come into our life. .

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To let go is to let it come

It is always important to know when a stage in life ends. If you insist on withdrawing into it more than necessary, you lose the joy and meaning of the rest. Close circles, doors or chapters, the important thing is to be able to close them and let go of moments of life that are ending.

We cannot stay in the present with nostalgia for the past. Nor by constantly asking ourselves why. What happened, happened. We must detach ourselves from it, we must get rid of it. We cannot remain children forever, nor late adolescents, nor employees of non-existent companies, nor keep bonds with those who don’t want to be tied to us. The facts pass and you have to let them go.

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Imagine reducing  the chains that are holding you and keeping you chained to the size of a helium balloon. You let them go and they head towards the sky, and you lose sight of them, and you feel a great inner peace.

Saying goodbye is likely to break something inside you,  but this is the only way to welcome what is really worth. Well, not the pain, the joy.

Because if you are brave enough to say goodbye, you will realize that you are freeing yourself from a burden. Perhaps you will be able to reach your ideal temperature and not that bitter cold or that suffocating heat to which you live submissive.

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