Sometimes You Have To Close Your Eyes To Be Able To See

Sometimes you have to close your eyes to be able to see

Sometimes, in order to see, you have to close your eyes and open your heart. It is then that we will be able to understand what really matters, what matters, what is not false. Because only when we open our inner sight and our soul is at peace, can we broaden our horizons and contemplate new possibilities.

According to what neurologists explain, we formulate about 50,000 thoughts every day. Despite this, many of them are mechanical and repetitive. Another aspect to take into consideration is that, as a result of information overload, new technologies and the needs of the environment around us, we suffer more and more from mental fatigue. We are so projected outward that we have completely forgotten what we have inside.

Sometimes we get carried away by the train of obsessive and tiring thoughts, to the point of forgetting our priorities. We no longer know how to listen to ourselves. We have tried so hard to focus our eyes on the outside that it is now as if we were emotionally short-sighted, looking for the glasses of happiness.

Today we propose that you reflect on this topic.


When the eyes are too tired to see and mental noise arises

Believe it or not, our mind always tends towards internal conflict. This is due to the fact that one of the vital needs of the brain is to continuously adapt to different contexts and to every stimulus we receive. The pressures of work, family problems, our aspirations, our social relationships … There are always doubts to be resolved, anxieties to calm, voids to fill and “fires” to be extinguished.

Mental noise can become incessant and merciless. It is then that stress leaves its footprints on our brains and, simply, our eyes are lost and no longer know where to go. They forget to rest in the inner book of our needs, in the lines of our awareness and introspection to see what really matters.

It is curious to know that the amygdala, that area of ​​the brain that deals with fear and emotions, shrinks if we live long periods dominated by stress and anxiety. This change in its structure directly affects the prefrontal cortex, which deals with higher brain functions such as consciousness, concentration or decision making.


This explains why, when we go through difficult times dominated by worry, stress and annoying mental noise, it is so difficult for us to get in touch with ourselves. We have cut that invisible ribbon that binds us to our consciousness due to a small change in our brain structure.

However, we must not underestimate the power of neuroplasticity and our incredible ability to restructure the internal architecture of our consciousness. Thanks to exercises such as meditation, mindfulness or other strategies that we will talk about, it is possible to redirect the eyes towards our inner self.

A grateful mind is a rested mind

A grateful mind is a rested mind that will allow us to see what is really important. Maybe this sentence will seem a bit poetic or out of context, because… how can we be grateful if we feel so dissatisfied, desolate or sad right now? The first step is, of course, to get rid of all internal conflicts.

Once all emotional battles are silenced, then that serene energy will arise which will allow us to free ourselves from all external influences. Let’s see how this can be done.


Close your eyes to be able to see

The first step is to learn to control your thoughts. We certainly cannot forget that a thought is the direct conductor of an emotion which, in turn, is a sculptor who makes us perceive reality in one way or another. For this reason, it is important to remember the following points:

  • Close your eyes and begin to understand that, from now on, in your thoughts there will no longer be the tenses in the conditional or the hypothetical phrases: “if I had been there”, “if I had done” or “when will he tell me that I love, then I will be happy ”,“ when I have this or that, then I will feel better ”, etc.
  • Always keeping your eyes closed, promise yourself that you will start communicating with yourself using the present tense verbs: “I want,” I can “,” I do … “
  • To close your eyes and be able to see what’s really important in your life, you don’t have to leave your mind blank. Besides being impossible, it’s not even useful. You have to “fertilize” your mind with positive, inspiring and beneficial thoughts.
  • Evaluate and reflect positively. Certainly by thinking this way you will not close your eyes to reality or truth. It is simply about giving life to one’s mind and soul to increase self-confidence by stopping the noise of negative or limiting thoughts.

How about giving it a try? Have the courage to close your eyes to be able to see, to turn on the light of your heart and respond to those needs that, at times, we ignore as if they were old toys.

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