Stomach Pain Caused By Anxiety

Anxiety can cause indigestion, so if you are experiencing heavy and busy days, the ideal is to take everything calmly and not overload yourself to avoid repercussions on the body.
Stomach pain caused by anxiety

Anxiety and stress can cause physiological changes that manifest themselves in different ways, for example with stomach pain. Keeping the worries of everyday life under control is a great way to ensure the body’s overall well-being and soothe physical pain.

Everything related to the psychological area inevitably also affects the physical level, so maintaining a balance is essential to avoid any form of discomfort, such as stomach pain . Even if problems in everyday life are inevitable, it is equally true that we can prevent them from affecting our integrity and thus achieve inner peace.

The World Health Organization (WHO), together with the World Bank, has announced that investment in the treatment of disorders such as depression and anxiety has a 400% return, as these disorders are on the rise worldwide.

This means that from 1990 to 2013 the number of people with anxiety or depression increased by 50% globally, for an estimated total of 615 million people.

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Mental health must be a priority

Expert Arthur Kleinman, professor of Medical and Psychiatric Anthropology at the prestigious Harvard University, has conducted numerous studies on social suffering, with particular reference to mental health.

Mental health is a concern for the health ministry, as well as a considerable investment for the state. The WHO reports that “the estimated costs for the treatment of anxiety and depression, in particular related to psychosocial support and antidepressant drugs, are around million dollars”. However, it makes it clear that the benefits far outweigh the expenses incurred.

In this sense, WHO considers it essential to expand mental health services on a global scale to ensure the well-being of the entire population on different levels.

It also clarifies that the sustainable development goals approved by the United Nations General Assembly until 2030 aim to reduce one third of mortality from non-communicable diseases, by resorting to prevention and treatment, as well as promoting good mental health.

Calm stomach pain

Stomach pain sufferers know very well that this disorder can last all day, so it is essential to reduce the levels of anxiety that cause this symptom. In these cases, the ideal is to contact a specialist who will be able to diagnose the disease and suggest an appropriate treatment.

In general, anxiety causes indigestion and a sharp stomach pain that is often difficult to recognize in time. Due to the daily routine, full of worries and countless commitments, it is normal for the body to manifest physical repercussions and stomach pain is an obvious symptom.

Woman with stomach pain

When stomach pain becomes chronic, everything starts to go wrong. We do not sleep well, the digestive system is not functioning properly and the mood is unstable.

As soon as symptoms appear, in any form, it is important to see your doctor. Stomach pain, or any other ailment, is a clear alarm signal to be taken into consideration in order to detect any anomalies affecting the body.

Physical alterations will have repercussions on all systems of the body, so the malaise will hinder the integral well-being of the organism. In this sense, stomach pain can be considered the obvious signal that we must change something in our life and thus guarantee the well-being we so much desire in every phase of our existence.

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