The Best Aphrodisiac For Women Is Words

The best aphrodisiac for women is words

Seduce me with words, with letters whispered in my ear as you hug me, talk to me as you look at me to see my deepest essence, write me when you remember me and let me know that I am present in your life through your words. You just have to know a secret: the best aphrodisiac for women is words.

But just any word, any hug or any kiss is not enough. I need to feel your sincerity, I want your gestures to accompany your words, that you have a real interest in me, otherwise they will remain empty and there will be no magic.

“The most seductive thing about a woman are her eyes when I see her and her intelligence when I know her”

(Antonio Gómez Rufo)

How to use words as an aphrodisiac for women

Communication is always very important, but when two people are getting to know each other it is even more important. Women, in general, pay attention to everything: how they are looked at, how they address them and what they are told, the gestures, the way they move and dress. This does not mean that they come to hasty conclusions, but simply that they are interested in knowing who is in front of them.

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Words play a fundamental role and often seduce; if they are used correctly, with care and respect, they can be a very powerful aphrodisiac for women. But how to use words so that they can seduce?

Sincerity and naturalness

Words that come out of the heart, which are sincere, which do not respond to a prepared speech, can shake our hearts. It is not about programming beautiful sentences and then saying them, but about feeling what the wonderful woman in front of you arouses in you and expressing yourself as naturally and respectfully as you can.

An excess of flattery or being too pimp does not make you look good, indeed it could be unwelcome. The important thing is to find a balance between excess and perfection; you just have to pay attention and observe the reactions of the person in front of you: his eyes will speak to you.

Accompany your words

Women like to talk to them, but they are also seduced by the looks, by the fact that someone listens to them while they speak, that someone cares what they say. A word accompanied by a look says a lot. But even this gaze must be sincere and natural, because what they love most is that a man is himself.

As confidence builds, a caress accompanied by words is a perfect blend ; nevertheless, one must always act with delicacy, with respect, with feeling, and never with excess of confidence, with arrogance or with contempt.

Treat your sense of humor

Words spoken with humor, with irony or with a particular tone can be very attractive. Not everyone has the same sense of humor, so you have to be careful when you don’t know the person in front of you and know how to joke with respect and intelligence.

Everyone likes to laugh and there are always people who seem particularly funny to us; however, it is not easy for two senses of humor to match: it takes time to get to know each other and to adapt to the tastes of the other person.

“Love comes when it is not called. It confuses us and fades like fog when we try to hold it back ”.

(Isabel Allende)

Talk and listen

The excess of words does not attack, does not seduce and becomes monotonous. Talking too much and not letting the other person talk can make the other person uncomfortable, who cannot express what they think and feel. A conversation between two individuals must leave room for the words of both, the silences of both and the gazes that cross and meet.

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An ineffective aphrodisiac for women

If the words are not sincere, if they are not accompanied by gestures, they will remain empty, since there will be no coherence between the speeches and the facts. All the words spoken without reason, without feeling, will fly away, they will fade, of them there will be nothing left.

Women are very sensitive and this lack of coherence between words and feelings can hurt them, it can lead them to think that, behind the uttered sentences, there is no truth.

“For women, the best aphrodisiac are words. The G-spot is in hearing, whoever searches further down is wasting his time ”.

(Isabel Allende)

Images courtesy of Pascal Campion

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