The Body Speaks To Us Through Pain And Disease

The body speaks to us through pain and disease

Being connected with ourselves means understanding the signals sent to us by the body, which speaks to us through pain, illness and health in general. In most cases, our physical condition indicates our psychological condition.

Our frenetic pace of life, this connection gradually weakens and we stop understanding why things happen to us, unable to recover balance. Little by little we lose the ability to interpret ourselves. For this reason, when pain and illness arise, it is important to understand what they are telling us to discover the path back to health and well-being.

The disease: a path to health 

Understanding the disease and pain means being able to interpret them and give them a sense  to understand the origin of one’s imbalance and recover the connection with oneself.

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Illness is the means by which the body speaks to us and alerts us of a problem by urging us to make a change. It forces us to change our rhythm of life by imposing a change towards health.

When we get sick, we just have to heal ourselves  by paying attention not only to the physical aspects, but also to the emotional, psychological and spiritual ones.

“Keeping the body healthy is a duty … otherwise we won’t be able to keep our mind strong and clear”

The loss of balance

Life is essentially balance, harmony and health. The disease tells us that this balance has been broken and that we must re-establish it by looking for the path to change to improve the situation.

If the lifestyle adopted has led us to the disease, a change in this sense can be a possible way to restore the broken balance. Unfortunately, however, this is not always possible.  

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One of the main factors that cause us to ignore what is happening to us is our lifestyle.  The main fracture is caused by the stress and haste with which we live. This disconnects us from our inner world, because we stop satisfying the demands of the body and mind by pushing ourselves to the limit and pulling the rope to the maximum, sometimes to the point of breaking it.

Warning signs ignored 

Long before the disease appears, the body sends us warning signals in the form of symptoms, pain, discomfort or weakness. However, due to the disconnection with our inner world and with our body, we do not know how to give them voice or meaning by depriving them of importance.

These signals are very important so that the disease does not show itself or, at least, to alleviate it and avoid possible complications. Ignoring them results in their worsening and the first steps towards imbalance.  

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Any disease is a process  and, as such, progresses over time. A time that we can precede by a few minutes if we pay attention to the symptoms sent to us by the body. In this way, we can change our habits and turn to the appropriate specialist.

Take care of the body, take care of life

As we see, it is important to know how to listen to every symptom or every ailment, because it has a lot to tell us. Afterwards, it is important to know how to interpret them in order to give them meaning, ourselves, when it comes to a mild discomfort, and with the help of a professional, if it were a major problem. Finally, we must change, as much as possible, what damages the proper functioning of the organism.

There are many disorders that originate in the incorrect habits we acquire during the course of our life, such as poor nutrition, poor sleep hygiene, inadequate body postures, etc. Our body also suffers when we live subjected to considerable levels of stress, addictions or excesses, even in the workplace.

If we are committed to maintaining balance, we will protect our body and ultimately our life. Although there are situations that, unfortunately, are beyond our control, there are many others on which we can intervene to live better. We try to adopt healthy habits and stay connected to our personal needs: our health will benefit from them.

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